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Myanmar Navy Random Fires Injured 4 Civilians in Rathedaung Twonship, Myanmar’s Rakhine State, and Thousands of Villagers Run Out the Villages After Government Spokesperson Warned Civil War Prolong

Military Minister of Rakhine State Imposes Extra Retractions on Every Wounded Citizen to Have Permits from Security Force and Township Administrators for Transportation

Arakan Army Urges All Myanmar Security Force to Leave Myanmar's Rakhine State

Arakan Army Attacks a Police Outpost and Apprehends 8 Police Officers in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

NLD led Rakhine State Government’s Power Concession to the Military Minister for Major Decisions and Civil Directions

Two Missing Rakhine Villagers's Bones and Dresses Discovered in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Government Security Forces Arrested Three Villagers and Presumed Dead in Mrauk U Township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

(News) State Prosecutor Files Terrorist Law Suits Against Severely Tortured Civilians Despite Military Promised to Punish Mishandling Security Forces in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Pragmatic Comprehending Behavior and Context of State’s Systematic, Deliberate, and Coordinated Destruction of Civil Structure in Rakhine State, Myanmar (Scholarly defying conflict and possible solution)

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