Arakan Army Urges All Myanmar Security Force to Leave Myanmar's Rakhine State

General Tun Myat Naing of Arakan Army and officers at the headquarter 

AN. Kuala Lumpur. May 30, 2020
It was windy night of eve of monsoon days near Bay of Bengal Rakhine’s village that set up by the successive military junta in 1990s and call it ‘Thazin Myaing Village’, sitting beside the highway to Buthedaung township. 

Explosions of shells and firearms broke out and quickly replaced the wind with the noise of exchange of gunfire just shortly after midnight in south of the village. All villagers unexpectedly surprised and quickly woke up. 

A villager told Radio Free Asia Burmese Service he heard a big explosion first and then followed by constant crossfire. Shortly, he found out it was Arakan Army attacking Thazin Myaing police station. Two buildings were burned down, and dozens of police officers were disappeared.

On the same day in the morning of May 29, Myanmar army released a statement and said 100 AA troops attacked Thazin Myaing police station and 10 people including women and children were missing. The army accused AA act as terrorist attack over the police who were safeguarding the community and property in the region. 

Arakan Amry issued a statement in the evening and said it captured 6 police officers but released 2 women and a 2 years old child. 

AA said the attack was retaliation against the security force because the government army attacked its medical base and a military base in Palatwa township in previous weeks and mercilessly killed the patients. 

AA said it will attack all armed personals and security forces because all government armed forces  are under the military command including police and border guard police forces because they all are involved in summary executions, arbitrary arrests, torturing, setting fire the villages in Rakhine State.

Moreover, Arakan Army urges all security forces to immediate leave from the Rakhine State in order to restore peace and stability. The statement further went on and stated AA is working with the people interest, and sovereignty and freedom will ultimately enhance developing the nation and fulfill all walks of life regardless of religion and ethnic background in terms of freely pursuit of happiness and unitedly-independently preserving liberty. 

The freedom AA defines is dream of all people living in Arakan as a land of equality belongs to everyone: Rakhine, Chin, Mro, Khami, Thet, Dinet, Marama Gree, Khanman, and Rohingya. 

Whether the calls to leave Myanmar army is realistic or not, it is in fact a call of everyone for brutal invaders departure. Indeed, it is everyone dream.

This dream can be realized if Rakhine, Rohingya, and all other ethic are united and working together for ultimate freedom. Thus, all refugees from Bangladesh can also come back to their homes. 

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  1. UnknownMay 30, 2020 at 8:46 AM

    AIC media must take responsible using for the term of Rohingya.


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