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(Breaking News) UN-WHO Driver Killed and Health Worker Injured Despite Government Accused AA, but AA Confirmed Government Soldiers Shot the UN Car

UN driver Paye Sone Aung died in Minbya on April 21

Sittway. April 21, 2020.
Myanmar's Ministry of Information released news and published it on state owned media that United League of Arakan and its armed wing Arakan Army shot the World Health Organization’s transportation car, UN 5/34, and wounded WHO’s  driver and health worker near Ramaung Bridge in Minbya townhop at 5 PM yesterday. 

Arakan Army statement released on yesterday said government soldiers shot the UN car when World Health Organization (WHO) was carrying blood samples from suspected patients of coronavirus at Sittway hospital.

Rakhine State does not have the lab to test the coronavirus infection but in Yangon.
Health worker Aung Myo Oo
There must be the truth laying behind these accusations by both conflicting parties who shot and killed the UN driver and injured the health worker. To discover the truth, independent investigation unit and experts shall be allowed to investigate the incident in order to find the truth and bright perpetrator (s) to justice. Otherwise, the family of suffered and injustice that unfairly experience done over the victims will never satisfy. Then the justice becomes meaningless and peace is potential to replace with violence. 

Here who say what and the extracts:

Arakan Army

Among the many passenger cars waiting to cross Ramaung Bridge, the UN car with two staffs and belongs to WHO registered and granted permit from the soldiers at the checkpoint near the bridge at 5.40 PM. The staffs were carrying blood sample from coronavirus suspected patients. 
After  staffs got permits from the soldiers, they crossed the bridge. When they were crossing the bridge, the soldiers who gave the permit opened fired the guns behind the car.  The staffs were critically injured.
Their car was fallen down to the roadside. 
Arakan Army found the two critical injured men one hour after the shooting and rescued them and then took to secure locations to further treatment. We will release more details after we receive more information. 

Information Ministry

Information Ministry learned that ULA/AA terrorist shot WHO car with UN tag while carrying blood samples of coronavirus suspected and wounded two civilian staffs in Minbya township. 
The driver’s left side bum and arm were hit by bullets. The heath worker’s palm was scratched. The village heath department took the wounded men to Mibya hospital for further treatment. The UN damaged car on the road side will be taken back on April 21.

Paye Sone Maung at the hospital
Our news agency learned the UN diver U Paye Sone Maung, 28, passed away today at Minbya hospital. 

The health worker U Aung Myo Oo has still been treated at the hospital since yesterday.

A reliable source close to incident told us the AA team rescued the UN driver and the health worker yesterday.

The source who does not want to mention his name for personal safety said,  “The WHO car driver is Karen ethnic and the health worker is Rakhine. The driver was found with the very critical condition and unconscious at the moment when the AA fighters rescued them.” He continues, “AA will release the video for the wounded UN staffs and its  rescue efforts” 

It is unusual Ministry of Information headed by both Rakhine minister and deputy minister released the statement at this time instead of Office of Commander in Chief of Myanmar Armed Force that usually releases news and statement for this kind of urgency.   
Bullet went into Paye Sone Maung's back 


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