Massive Civilians Killed in Rakhine State After US State Department and European Ambassadors Issued Statements

Rakhine woman killed by Myanmar solider in Kyauktaw on April 1, 2020

Sittway. April 2, 2020.

There was shooting again by Myanmar soldiers. This led to mass killings of civilians. Soldiers fired at residential buildings. The service informs us about the violation of the Geneva Convention, which prohibits military actions against the civilian population, the sick, the wounded and prisoners of war. But apparently international law does not bother Myanmar soldiers much.

Forty soldiers from LID 66 raided Tha Yet Oak village at 7 AM in the morning and arrested three villagers and then left at 5 PM on April 1st.

The arrested villagers are Aung Kyan Hla, 50, Soe Chay Maung, 49, and Tin Tin Maung, 30. They are taken to the military base in Kyauktaw.

Aung Kyan Hla is official representative of ten households of the village.

Families do not have any contact with them and worry they would be tortured and killed.  

All villagers fled as soon as the solider left. 

Tha Yet Oak village has 185 houses with 1,000 residents. 

Most villagers took shelters in nearby villages. They are afraid to come back since some soldiers remain ambushing. 

A villager who does not want to mention his name said, “The soldiers surprisingly entered into the village in the morning and searched the houses. Then they gathered score of villagers and interrogated. 

He said, “The solders beat us and asked many questions whether we supported and had direct contacts with Arakan Army. 

“The detained villagers were terrified and afraid,” he said. 

After the soldiers left from the village, they entered into Kyauktaw and opened fire the guns. They shot at the residential houses. 

Navy stationing in the river fired artillery into the town. The military bases fired the shells into the town and landed in century old Shwe Kyoung Buddhist temple. 

A lawmaker in anonymous said, “five residents were killed by the gunshots; Two women and a man, ages ranging from 45 to 60, were killed on the spot. Another critical injured resident died at the hospital shortly after she admitted in Kyauktaw hospital.”

He said more than ten civilians mostly women and children were wounded by gunshots and shells; some critical injured residents are taken to Sittway hospital.

A half dozen of residents were also arrested,” he said. 

The massive killing of civilians by the stormy gunfire of Myanmar soldiers took place in Rakhine State after US State Department and ambassadors from Canada, US, UK, French, New Zealand and European counties issued separate statements and urged Myanmar government for ceasefire and restore internet services while coronavirus threatening. 


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