Myanmar Army Set Fire Houses While 85 Years Old Disable Woman Alive; A Man Was Shot and Threw into the Flame in Rakhine State

Myanmar army set fire villages in Rakhine State

Sittway. March 30, 2020
Twenty soldiers of LID 66 from Myanmar army set fire twelve houses in Pha Pyo village in Minbya township, Rakhine State, at 10 PM on March 29 and an eighty four years old disable woman and fifty years old man killed.  
The eighty four years old disable woman is Daw Kranyo Phyu and fifty years old man is U Aung Tun Thar.
Son in law of Daw Kranyo Phyu said, “I am laying down under the house. The soldiers open fire the guns and entering into the village. I cannot get up from the crunching under the house. They set fire May Bu house first. I am afraid to get up even though the fire is going on. The soldiers get out of the premise after the fire is escalating. Thus, I can run away, but I cannot rescue my mother in law. She is casted in the flame. What should we do about it now.”
Daw Kranyo Phyu is inhumanly killed in the flame. 

The soldiers shoott U Aung Tun Thar and then throw him into the fire when he is coming to extinguish the flame.
The arsonus residential houses are located in the north of Buddhist temple, and school is situated close to the entrance of the temple helped to build by Plan INGO.
The burned down houses are (1) May Bu, (2) Kyaw By Yay, (3) Aung Thein Tun, (4) Daw Kranyo Phyu (5) Tun Soe Thein (6), Daw Moe Sein Pru (7), Daw Than Kin (8), U Than Shwe Maung (9), U Kala Chay (10), Daw Me Ma Gyi (11) and the school (12).
Daw Nyunt May who escaped from the flame said, “My grandmother is sixty six years old. She guards the house. When she is drinking hot tea, the soldiers spray the guns and entering into the village. Then they fire the edge of the house by matches. She cannot yell for helps. She sits down and watch it helplessly because she is so scare. Then they kick the fence and leave. When my grandmother is able to run away, two houses are already in the blaze. A disable woman is remaining in the fire. She may now be burnt and died. I am very hurt my house is set fire in front of my eyes.”
Lawmaker U Hla Aung from Minbya Township acknowledges the arson takes place in Pha Pyaw village. He said there are gunfire first, but no military clash is reported.
“The smokes and firelights are clearly seen from Minbya Town and hear gunfire. I get phone contact with the villagers. I am told twenty soldiers are entering into the village and set fire the houses by matches. These are arson but not by artillery shells even though we heard the noise of the shell explosions. All villagers guarding the village are fleeing now,” U Hla Aung said.
 A villager who wants to remain in anonymous at the ferry port in the east of Ramaung Bridge said, “Twenty villagers and sons and daughters who safeguard the elderlies are running out of the village by foots. We can see the fire from here. We have no time to take them to Minbya. They are right here with me. The soldiers are patrolling other side of the bridge.”
Reporter gets contact with to the village administer. He said, “I am in Minbya now and reporting the arson to the township administrator. Eleven houses and the school are totally arched. I am requesting the administrator to allow us to do funeral services for the two late elderlies. I can confirm that the soldiers trespass and set fire the houses. I do not know why they do like these.”
Reporters tries to contact Western Command Spokesperson Col. Win Zaw Oo and Tatmadaw True News Information Team Secretary Maj. General Zaw Min Tun regarding the incident in Pha Pyaw village and their opinions but unable to reach them out.
Pha Pyo villages is located near the Ramaung Bridge and has 280 houses. All villagers have fled out of the village. Myanmar soldiers occupy the village and set up temporary base.


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