(Breaking News) Myanmar Army Shells Killed A Woman and Injured Six More Villagers in Minbya, Rakhine State

Wounded woman from Htunt Chay village is taken to Minbya hospital on April 20

Sittway. April 20, 2020.
Myanmar army fired artilleries into the villages and killed 30 years old woman and wounded six more villagers in Rakhine State today.

Minbya based army 379 and 541 separately fired several shells into Htunt Chay, Myit Nar Wrar, and Min Wrar villages in Minbya township at 10 AM. 

Ma Than Way, 30, and daughter of U Sein Aung and resident of Myit Nar Wror village, was killed on the spot after the shell landed and exploded near her. Other shells were landed individually in Htunt Chay and Min Wrar village.  

The wounded civilians from Htunt Chay village are:
  1. Maung Aye Than, male-42
  2. U San Yi, female-40
  3. Ma Than Oo Kray, female-20
  4. U Tun Maung, male-45
  5. Daw Thrin Tin Aye, female-48
  6. U Sein Aye Chan, male-58

Local residents reported Arakan Army and Myanmar army fought near Long Chay village at 8 AM today and 10 PM last night.  They said at least 30 government soldiers were killed during the fights.  

Kha Long village where military clashes occurred is two miles away from the villages where the shells landed. 

The military bases 379 and 541 in Minbya town are also two miles distance from the shells landing grounds. 

A resident who does not want to publish his name said, “The army intentionally fired the shells to the three separate villages from far distance. When their comrades are suffered heavy casualties, they fire the shells and shoot the guns into the populated villages as they always do to the other villages since the war began.”

Eight civilians were killed and  11 villagers injured in Kyauk Seik by the military shells on April 14. The soldiers arrested 39 more villagers from the same village on April 19. 

Despite UN right body called for Myanmar government to respect human rights and international law and avoid targeting civilians, Myanmar army put aside the calls but rampage civilians in Rakhine State. 

Wounded man from Htut Chay village on April 20


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