(Names Correction) Families Want 39 Unlawful Arrested Villagers Free in Kyauk Seik, Rakhine State

Village woman crying for the loss of her son killed in Kyauk Seik on April 13

Sittway. April 20, 2020.
Myanmar soldiers combined with Ponnaygun based infantry 550 and LID 66 arrested 39 villagers including several officials in Kyauk Seik yesterday. 

They are detained and interrogated at the military base 550 in Ponnaygun. 

“My husband is severely tortured by the soldiers and heard that he and his friends of 17 arrested are transferred to police in Ponnaygun today,” she told our news agency. She requests us not to publish her name for fear of revenge. 

The families of the arrested want their love ones are set free. “My son is just government staff and working in the village. I want to see my son released," Ray Htoo Naing's mother said. 

The arrested are:
(1)Chairman U Aye Yun, 40, who is elected by the villagers in 2015.
(2) Ray Htoo Naing, 18, (government staff)
(3)Ray Htet Naing, 16
(4)Win Thein, 19
(5)Khaing Zaw Myo, 15
(6)Win Kyaw, 30
(7)Soe Win Naing, 18
(8)Ray Aung, 30
(9)U Hla Phru, 45
(10) Than Tun, 37
(11)Tun Kyaw Hlaing, 30
(12) Kyaw Win Hain, 22 (resident of Sittway and visiting to village)
(13)Maung Ba Tin, 43
(14)U Than Kyaw Htay, 41
(15)U Soe Win, 41
(16)Way Soe Aung, 30,
(17)Maung Myo Lin Oo, 23
(18)Myo Min Naing, 19
(19)Than Tun Aye, 40
(20)Maung Myint Thein, 34
(21)U Than Htay, 27
(22)Khin Maung Win, 25
(23)Nyi Nyi Aung, 26
(24) Maung Than Sein, 48
(25) U Win Hlaing, 36
(26)Kyaw Than Win, 41
(27)Nyi Nyi aka Win Hla, 22
(28)U Aung Kyaw Nyunt, 58
(29) Maung Ngwe Aye, 30
(30) Maung Ba Daung, 20
(31)U Maung Gree, 25
(32) Maung Gree, 25
(33)Maung Chay, 32
(34) Maung Maung Htay, 28
(35) Maung Tin Oo, 32
(36)U Min Soe, 37 (Ponnaygun resident and motorbike driver)
(37)Zaw Win Oo, 15
(38) Maung Tun Thein, 36
(39) Than Htay Kyaw, 21

“The soldiers entered into the village since 7 AM in the morning and searched every house. Then they gathered every villager including elderlies and disables. When the chairman quested the soldiers to release the elderlies and disables, they beat the chairman and then arrested,” one of the villagers who escaped from the arrest said. He remains his name unpublished. 

Myanmar army fired several shells into the village and killed 8 civilians and wounded 11 villagers on April 13. 

Most villagers have fled from the villages since then, but officials and able men remained in the village to take care of the disables and elderlies. Now, they all get arrested.  

One of the villagers who does not want to publish his name said, “The soldiers are not happy after we posted all graphic photos, whom they shelled and killed in our village and that is why they arrest our villagers again. Now our village is ruin; and there is no more livelihoods." 

Arakan Information center reports 148 civilians have been arrested and 377 casualties since January to April 19. 

Another villager said, "Myanmar army intentionally destroys our villages and forces all of us out of the village because they want want to set up a military base and secure supply lines near our village."

Our news agency tracks several navy ships landed near the village and dropped off thousands of soldiers and military supplies last two weeks.    


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