Myanmar Soldiers Arrest 39 Villagers in Kyauk Seik Today, aftermath of Dozens of Civilian Causalities

Civilians dying inside their house fence in Kyauk Seik on April 14
Sittway. April 19, 2020.
Myanmar soldiers combined with Ponnaygun based infantry 550 and LID 66 arrested 39 villagers in Kyuak Seik including the official at 1 PM today. 

The arrested village Chairman is U Aye Yun, 40. 

“The soldiers entered into the village since 7 AM in the morning and searched every house. Then they gathered every villager including elderlies and disables. When the chairman quested the soldiers to release the elderlies and disables, they beat him and then arrested,” one of the villagers who escaped from the arrest said. He remains his name unpublished. 

Myanmar army fired several shells into the village and killed 8 civilians and wounded 11 villagers on April 14. 

Most villagers have fled from the villages since then, but officials are remaining to take care of the disables and elderlies. 

Kyauk Siek is located two miles away from Ponnaygun town and has 500 households and 4,500 residents. 

“The arrested villagers are taken to undisclosed locations. We don’t know where they are and worry they will be severely tortured,” He said. 

According to the reliable sources, Kycuk Siek and its nearby villages as Yaw Ngon, Tha Yit Cho, and Panialr are under the military target. The soldiers may arrest the residents and set fire the villages in the near future.  


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