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More Evidences Surfacing on Prof of Myanmar Army Shot and Killed the WHO Staff and Wounded the Health Worker

Mr Paye Sone Win Maung body taken to Sittway hospital to exam on April 21
Sittway. April 21, 2020.
Medical doctors found the bullet inside the body of late U Paye Sone Win Maung after post mortem exam at Sittway hospital today evening that military spokesperson said. It needs independent verification.

U Paye Sone Win Maung was staff and driver of WHO and worked in Rakhine State for over two years and killed by the gunshot on Ramoung bride yesterday.

Military spokesperson Zaw Min Tun said the bullet is 7.62x32 mm and inside the body of WHO driver staff. He went on accusing AA for accountable, but no independent sources nor medical doctors who examined the body released a statement out of it. 

Myanmar Red Cross brought late U Paye Sone Win Maung body to Sittway hotial to examine this afternoon. 

Local charity and coordinated with ICRC also bring the wounded health worker U Aung Myo Oo via Pauktaw after Minbya to Sittway this afternoon. He is admitted at Sittway hospital for further treatment. 

According to the residents in Sittway, security is tighten at the hospital, and no one is allowed to see the patient at this moment. 

A friend of the pass-away staff from WHO, who keeps her name unmentioned for security reason, said, “We got contact with Pyae Sone Win Maung 10 minutes before they got shot. He called me and said they got permit to go. He said his boss told him to shop at a secure village and sleep out there overnight. It was about 5 PM.”

She said, “I lost connection with him for a while; I kept calling him; the phones kept ringing, but got no answers.” 

“About 6.30 PM, we got connected with U Aung Myo Oo and villagers. He told us the villagers and health department workers from Min Wra village took them to Minbya hospital. At that time, U Pyae Sone Win Maung was already unconscious,” She said. 

She said, “The villagers and the health worker told us at first the shell was fired to the bridge and landed near the car; immediately after it the automatic weapons fired directly to the car for several minutes. Then the bullets hit Pyae Sone Win Maung and the health worker.” 

 “For a while they were laying down with wounded in the car that slid off the main road. Later on, AA members found them bleeding and unconscious. AA treated them and called the villagers to help. The villagers then carried wounded men with the stretchers to the end of the bridge. After that the health workers and the chairman from the villages joined and took the patients to Minbya hospital,” She said.

“There are not only two wounds in U Pyae Sone Win Maung body. There are several wounded marks on his back and in the head when I saw him before he was taken to the hospital to exam. He was a good friend of mine and had known each other for over two years,” She cried. 

UN office issues a statement today and flies the UN flag a half mast at the office in Yangon to show sadness and respect for their fallen colleague. The UN office said it was “deeply sadden to the confirmed death of Mr. Pyae Sone Win Maung." 

“The WHO colleague was driving a marked UN vehicle from Sittway to Ynagon transporting COVID19 surveillance samples in support of the Ministry of Health and Sports,” the statement said. 

The UN said it is seeking the further information on the circumstances of the incident. 

Myanmar government accused AA for the incident. But AA stated in their statement the government soldiers near the bridge shot the WHO vehicle. 


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