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A Police Sergeant Was Stabbed and Killed in Capital City of Rakhine State, Myanmar

Myanmar Army Shot and Killed A Civilian Villager in Ponnaygun Township in Rakhine State

3,000 Out of 8,000 Lockdown Villagers Are Starving in Ann Township Under the Myanmar Army Restriction and Road Blocks in Southern Rakhine State, Myanmar

A Woman’s leg was completely cut off by Myanmar Military Planed Trip Wire Mine Explosion in Maybon township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Myanmar Army Confiscates Private Properties in Ann Township, Southern Part of Rakhine State, Myanmar

British Foreign Minister and Western Embassies Issue Statements and Concerned The New Development of Clearance Operations in Rakhine State Involving Impacts of Civilians Suffering and Urge Myanmar Military to Respect ICJ Provision Measurement to Protect Civilians

Myanmar Army’s Artilleries and Shells Kill 2 Civilians and Wound 3 Villagers in Ann Township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Arakan Army Says It Killed 30 Myanmar Soldiers and Seized Numerous Weapons in Kyauk Tan and Aung Thar Zay Battles Amid Government Forcing Massive Relocations in Rathedaung Township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

60 Villagers Have Been Detained in Kyein Thar Village While 1,800 Residents Fleeing in Rathedaung Township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

An Israel Made Drone Is Seized by Arakan Army and Arrested 3 Family Members of Myanmar Army While Looking for the Drone

Myanmar Army Forced Relocating 50,000 Villagers in Rathedaung Township, Rakhine State; Arakan Army Says the Military Is Committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

18 Covid-19 Infected Ranking Ethnics Are Found in Myanmar’s Rakhine State In the Middle of Internet Shutdown

A Disable, Deaf, and Blind IDP Refugee Is Injured by Myanmar Army’s Shells in Rakhine State

Myanmar Government Police Charge Against Peaceful Protests Calling for Lifting the World Longest Internet Shutdown in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, and Activists Say Democracy Is Dead

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