Myanmar Navy Random Fires Injured 4 Civilians in Rathedaung Twonship, Myanmar’s Rakhine State, and Thousands of Villagers Run Out the Villages After Government Spokesperson Warned Civil War Prolong

Locations of civilian casualties of shells and guns fired by Myanmar nary and villages run out of their villages on May 30, 2020.
AN.Sittway. May 30, 2020
A Myanmar navy loaded with hundreds of soldiers randomly fired artilleries and guns into a half dozens of villages located near Mayu river and injured 4 villagers last night. 

Our news agency does a remote interview to a villager from Aung Si Kone in Rahedaung township this morning at 10 AM in Myanmar time. 

“The navy supposed to be off loaded the soldiers somewhere upward to the river started fires artilleries and guns into our villages from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM last night and injured four villagers,” Aung Min Soe, a villager of Aung Si Kone, said. 

He said the navy was heading to the north and upward to Mayu River last night and assumed that the navy would off loaded hundreds more soldiers near Aung Zay Ya village. 

He said, “Kyaw Win Tun, 16, was injured by shell’s sharpeners on felt hand and on right foot. Aung Ye Than, 16, was hit on his backside of the head when he was taking shelter in the monastery. They all are students of 8 grade and from Aung Si Kone village.”

“A mother of 6 years old girl, Daw Khin Myo Aye, 20, was wounded on her head by the shell explosion landed in her resident, and Maung U Hlaing Tun, 24, was injured on the right leg and on right fingers when he was laying down under the mango tree after he heard shell firing. They live in Doe Wai Chaung village,” he said.

He said the injured villagers are taken to Zay Di Pyin hospital this morning. 

He said there was no military clash between Arakan Army and Myanmar army last night in that area, but the navy unilaterally-randomly fired the shells and guns into the villages locating near Mayu River. 

The nine affected villagers are Aung Si Kone, Doe Wai Chaung, Pyin Sheey (Sa Hpo Kyun), Kan Pyin, Pyin Wan on the left side of the river and Yae Myet (Ywar Thit), Yae Myet (Ywar Haung), Nyaung Pin Hla, and Pyein Taware on the right side of Mayu River.

Thousands of villagers ran out of the villages last night in fear of off-loaded soldiers might come and search the villagers and set fire their villages. 

International community, UN, US, and EU have constantly warned to restraint high civilian casualties and called for a nationwide ceasefire. 

United Nations Security Council recently discussed increase of civilian casualties and massive internally displaced and condemned Myanmar government.

Retired UN human rights expert Miss Yanghee Lee had called for a fresh investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity into the Myanmar army for recent killing of civilians and setting fire villages. 

Last week, Mr. Nicholas Koumjian, head of UN Human Rights Council mandated investigation body—Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM), wrote a warning article in Bangkok Post and said he is watching perpetrators for crime committing in Rakhine State and taking leeway when the world is busy with combating Covid-19 pandemic He wrote, “Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar has a message to send: our investigations are open and the virus will not blind us to ongoing crimes.” 

He highlighted the mechanism is aware of each day passing with civilian casualties and victims of displaced in Myanmar that are accountable for international crimes. 

However, these warming by the international community is music to a buffalo. The government spokesperson U Zaw Htay said on online press conference yesterday the war would prolong in Rakhine State, and civilians and Rakhine youths would suffer the most. 

He responded the violent solution to Arakan Army’s statement released on May 29 when it called on all Myanmar armed forces and government administrations get out of the Rakhine land.

Local people predict more fighting are coming ahead and more civilians will suffer the most. 


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