Government Security Forces Arrested Three Villagers and Presumed Dead in Mrauk U Township, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Location map of Way That Li village in Mark U township 
KYN: Yangon. May 24, 2020
Soldiers of Myanmar’s Light Infantry Division 44 arrested three villagers from Way Thar Li village in Mrauk U township last night and presumed dead.
According to a local resident, some soldiers entered into the village and arrested three elderlies yesterday evening and forced to work as porters and guides. 
After the arrest, most villagers ran away, but some women and elderlies are still remaining in the village because they are unable to run. 
The arrested elder men are U Mae Ni, 60, U Soe Tin, 55, and U Shwe Soe Oo, 50. 
Some local social media news outlets reported they were killed by the Myanmar military. But our news cannot confirm the killing. But they are missing since last night, and no families nor friends have contact with them at all. 
A local human rights activist who wants to keep his name in confident said, “It is sure the soldiers arrested these villagers from Way Thar Li last evening. Some residents reported two elderlies out of three were killed, but I cannot confirm this news now.”  
According to the activist, most residents have already run out of the village to the different directions, to the west by passing over the mountains while some went to the east by passing through the water route.
He continued, “What I worry the most is this village can be set fire by the soldiers as Let Kar village last week. 
Way Thar Li village is located on a half mile of southward to the Ket Kar village. 
He said, “It is very possible the soldiers from the same LID 44 and its sub division Light Infantry 8 that burned down Let Kar village arrested the elderlies last evening.”
The local people worry these soldiers may set fire this village since the battalion has history of brutal and setting fire villages. 
According to some local residents, there was an intensive fighting between AA and the same LIB 8 on the highway near the village shortly after the soldiers went out of the village at 3 AM today, but no casualty is yet reported. 


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