Myanmar Military Tortured and Killed A Civilian in the Custody and Detaining 5 More villager in Ramree Township in Rakhine

Soe Myint, 37, civilian and resident of Alay Chaung village in Ramree was tortured and killed in the military cusduty on July 14. 

AN. Sittway. July 15, 2020. 


Family of killed villager in Ramree township told our news their son was tortured and killed in the military custody on July 14, and 5 villagers are still detained in the local military bases. 


Soe Myint Tun, 37, was tortured and killed in the military based, and the family was able to take the deceased body yesterday from the police station in Ramree. 


They said his son and 5 other villagers were arrested by Ramree town based Light Infantry Battalion 34 and 35 in Alay Chuang village on July 11. 


The five detained villagers villager are Maug Chan Nyein, 20, Maung Tun Win, 44, U Zaw Lwin, 35, U Maung Bam Aung, 35, and Ko Myin Win, 25.


They have been arrested by the soldiers from LIB 34 and 35 in their village since July 11. 


The village chairman U Myint Lwin told local news the soldiers from LIB 34 and 35 encircled the village at 3 am in the morning on July 11. And then searched every house and matched with the name lists they were hanging on. Then the soldiers arrested above mentioned 6 villagers and taken to the military bases. One of the villagers was tortured and killed. 


The families of arrested villagers told our news they are farmers, fishermen, and casual laborers and the residents of Alay Chung village in Ramree township, Rakhine State. 


They said they do not get any contact with their loved ones since they have been arrested, but a family received the dead boy handed over by the police. 


All family members are worry their loved ones would be killed as the military did to Soe Myint Tun. 


More arrests and killing civilians by the Myanmar military is shockingly increasing in Rakhine State in July first and second week. 


None of the government leaderships protects the civilian population but leave in the hand of brutal military for freehand slaughtering. 


None of the international communities nor the UN rights body can prevent Myanmar military’s ongoing genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity over the Rakhine ethic people.


History has shown the international community and UN failed to protect the military genocide on the Rohingya people in 2017, and the similar failure of the same international community and world body’s preventive measures over the ongoing massive slaughtering over the Rakhine ethnic populations is persistence. 


As long as international community and UN do not take effective action against the military but leaving the military for freehand unlawful killing, entire Rakhine community will be found ruined and divested. It is sad indeed. 


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