Daughter of Killed Tun Maung Sein Says Myanmar Military Has Removed and Detracted Her Father Deceased Body in Chin Khar Li village in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Local rescue volunteers were rescuing 13 trapped villagers in China Khar Li village on July 14.

AN. Sittway. July 15, 2020. 


Local rescue workers tried to find the body of U Tun Maung Sein, 60, who was shot and killed in front of his wife by Myanmar soldiers while hiding in bomb shelter inside their resident in Chein Khar Li village in Rathedaung township on July 13. But they said they could not find the body. 


“We were looking for U Tun Maung Sein at his resident. But we could not find him. He was missing,” one of the rescue team members told our news yesterday. 


Military Spokesperson General Tun Tun Nyi denied the allegation. 


Our news reporters manage to speak daughter of late U Tun Maung Sein this morning. 

“I believe the soldiers stationing in our village have removed my father’s deceased body after all villagers ran away. No one could see what they (military) were doing inside my father house,” Ma Hla Hla Khine* told our news. 

She said her mother has been very mentally unstable, and does not sleep at night after she saw her husband was slaughtered in front of her. Her mother Daw U Sein Nyunt is taken to the clinic for further treatment of trauma. 


Village Chairman U Tun Tin Soe confirmed our news yesterday evening the rescuers did not find the deceased body in the village when 13 villagers were rescued. 


Ma Hla Hla Khine said, “I was in San Paik village at that time the soldiers shot and killed my father, but my mother was with him when he got shot. She told me how she saw the soldiers were slaughtering my father. She cried and did not want to repeat the terrible seen in front of her.” 


Son in Law of late U Tun Maung Sein told our news on the same day how his father in law was shot and killed. He said first the government soldiers tried to open the front door that they could not. Then they hit the back door by rifles. As soon as the door was open, the soldiers saw his father in law sitting on the bank of bomb shelter. Then they shot him immediately and he died on the spot.


Some rescuers told our news yesterday the deceased body of U Tun Maung Sein might be removed from his house when the neighbors and villagers were away.


This murdered and disappeared of deceased body case needs further investigation by the police, but the family doubts the police always supports the military and never enforce the law. 

Note; Hla Hla Khine is changad from original name for her personal security. 


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