Assisted by Lawmaker and ICRC, 13 Trapped Villagers in Chein Khar Li Village Rescued Today but Deceased Body of a 60 Years Old Village Man Is Still Missing in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Location of 13 villagers rescued and taken to shelter in Rathedaung township on July 14, 2020. 

AN. Sittway. July 14, 2020. 


Lawmaker U Khine Maung Latt told our news minutes ago, all 13 villagers including 3 arrested, elderlies, and a disable man are rescued today evening.


They had been trapped in Chein Khar Li village, Rathedaung township in Rakhine State, since yesterday morning.


The lawmaker said, “I have spoken to Minister Col. Min Than for Rakhine State’s security and border affair. I and some lawmakers are working with the authority for the rescues efforts. All 13 villagers are rescued and taken to Sin Paik village now by several cars.” 


One of the recuse team members said, “9 elder village men and women, a 27 years old disable man, and 3 arrested young men are already rescued, and they are sitting in the cars now. We are going to San Paik village.”


But the dead body of U Tun Maung Sein, 60, is missing from his resident. 

“We were looking for U Tun Maung Sein at his resident. But we could not find him. All 13 villagers are coming along with us now. U Tun Sein Maung is also with us. He did not die,” the rescuer said. 

Our news reporters were told by son in law of Tun Maung Sein, 60, who was shot and killed in front of his wife by the Myanmar soldiers yesterday morning when the couple were hiding in the bomb shelter under their house. 


The local people also reported us in initial news U Tun Sein Maung, 80, was also killed by the Myanmar soldiers when he was inside the village yesterday. But the rescuers find him alive along with his wife. 


Village Chairman U Tun Tin Soe tells our news ICRC is also involved to rescue the villagers. 


He said, “All villagers are here in Sin Paik. I hand over the villagers to their family. But U Tun Maung Sein is still missing. The rescuers went to his resident, but they did not find him; only his sarong was discovered at his house.” 


Some rescuers told our news the deceased body of U Tun Maung Sein might be removed from his house when the neighbors and villagers were away.


Myanmar military Spokesperson General Tun Tun Nyi denied the incident and told the local news Arakan Army attacked Chein Khar Lai police station yesterday. He said the security forces exchanged gunfire, but there was no civilian casualty. 


Arakan Army issues a statement today and said Myanmar military was attacking their positions and fighting broke out on July 12 and 13 near Chein Khar Li village. AA said it killed 15 Myanmar soldiers and seized weapons and ammunitions from the government security forces during the clashing. 


Arakan Army Spokesman Khine Thu Kha said Myanmar soldiers are targeting and killing more civilians in these days after their colleagues were killed in the battles as of the military usual business. 


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