Breaking News. Two Deceased Older Men Are Still Stuck in Chein Khar Li Village and Families Are Not Allowed Take Out the Dead Bodies for Religion Funeral Service in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Location of 2 dead elder men are trapped inside the village since July 13, and families are not allowed to give Buddhist traditional funeral services. 

AN. Sittway. July 14, 2020. 


The dead bodies of U Tun Sein Maung, 80, and U Maung Than Sein, 60, are still trapped in Chein Khar Li village, Rathedaung township, and family members are not allowed to remove the dead bodies for two days.


They have been shot and killed by Myanmar security forces in their residents since yesterday morning. 


All villagers have been fleeing to different direction except 6 older and disable men and women are reaming in the village after Myanmar army stormed the village. 

“We are every afraid to go to the village and pull out the late two elder men because Myanmar soldiers are staying in the Buddhist temple and stationing in the streets. They will shoot us if we are going into the village,” the village administer tells our news agency this morning.

He said these deceased elderlies may have been decomposition odor and malodorous conditions at this moment because they had died since yesterday morning. 


“The families are crying and wishing to have their late fathers to be buried dignifiedly and to give Buddhist traditional funeral services to purify their souls and payers for their loved ones to free from transforming the suffering to the future lives,” the administrator said. 


Myanmar military is untrained to respect Buddhist traditional purification of souls of death and remaining families for condolence. 


Many civilians have been killed in secret locations in Rakhine State, and family members were not even brought up see their loved ones’ deceased bodies and given traditional funeral services. Many examples as such mistreatments over the deaths occurred in Lakkar, Kyauk Tan, and Tin Ma villages. 


The local people said military is treating Rakhine people like Hitler treated Jewish people in Germany and holocaust. 


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