Myanmar Soldiers Shot and Killed 80 and 60 Years Old Village Men and Wounded 3 Other Civilians Today in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Location of civilian killed and injured today in Chein Khar Li village on July 13,2020

AN. Sittway. July 13, 2020. 


Myanmar soldiers aim their guns at a 60 years old unarmed man and then shoot and kill him in front of his wife, and an 80 years old man is found dearth with gunshot at his resident in Chein Khar Li (Rakhine) village, Rathedaung township in Rakhine State, today at 11 am. 


Three more villagers including a 13 years old teenage boy are wounded when Myanmar military is spraying guns and shelling into the houses while entering into the village this morning. 


U Maung Than Sein, 60, was shot in front of his wife Daw U Sein Nyunt when they were hiding in the bomb shelter under the house. 


Eighty years old village elder man U Tun Sein Maung is found death with gunshot-wound in his body and laying in the living room at his resident today. 


When a family with 3 including 13 years teenage boy were hiding in the bomb shelters at their resident, a shell fired from the Myanmar army is landed in the compound and wounded entire family in the morning. 


U Tun Win, 50, is hit in his leg, his wife Daw U Mying Kyi, 45, is injured in her arm, and their son Maung Nay Min Tun, 13, is wounded on his chest by the shell explosion in their resident.

“The soldiers force to open the front door first, but they cannot. Then they hit the back door by their rifles. As soon as the door is open, they see my father in law sitting on the bank of bomb shelter. The soldiers shoot him immediately in front of his wife, my mother in law. He dies on the spot under the wooden floor. My mother in law is shock and struck metal unstable,” said Kyaw Aye*, son in law of late U Maung Than Sein.  

Chein Khar Li village administer told our news that 60 soldiers with heavy and small arms are firing randomly when they are coming from Done Paik police station at 9 am this morning and heading to the north.


“They are firing small and heavy guns thought out the road. All residents from Done Paik and Chin Khar Li villages are fleeing because they are very afraid to get killed,” the administrator said. 


He said 6 elder men and women are still trapping inside the village including his mother. 


The administrator said, “I have seen all the dead and wounded villagers. I am shocked. They are innocent villagers, and we have grown up together. The old and respected elderlies are gone out of our community.” 

The administrator said Myanmar soldiers are still reaming in the village at this moment we are writing this news at 6.67 pm in Myanmar time.


Some local residents told our news agency they heard Myanmar army and Arakan Army are fighting 600 yards in the north after Chein Khar Li police station. 


They said the military might have been suffered during the clash with AA. Thus, the soldiers are turning back to the village and killing the civilians for revenge and racial hatred.

The reseidnts said they have heard several young villagers have been arrested by the military but they cannot go out and look for them since the army is still in the village and firing guns to everywhere. 

Two villages women were wounded in Aung Bla village when the Myanmar military was shooting directly into the residents in last weekend. 


Since last Saturday, three civilians have been killed and 5 villagers injured by the Myanmar army senselessly firing guns and shells into the populated town and villages, including 70 years old town resident in Ponnaygun. 


“More civilians are killed and injured by the armed forces senseless spraying guns and shelling into the residential areas. It is very sad we have lost the lives of innocent and unarmed civilians. Rakhine communities are unprotected and vulnerable. All lawmakers in Rakhine State have to stand up and complain the President about the senseless killing and injuring the civilians. Otherwise, it will never end,” said U Khin Maung Latt, a lawmaker from Rathedaung township. 


Analysts said Myanmar military is intentionally shooting and shelling into all villages on the highway from Ah Ngu Maw to Maungdaw in order to clear all villages along the way as they did to Rohingya villagers in 2017. 


Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha had told our news agency previously Aung San Suu Kyi government does not protect Rakhine people but supporting the military. 


He said international community’s effective actions against the military and to bring perpetrators to international justice will end the atrocities of brutal military, and once for all. 

Note. Kyaw Aye is changed from original name due to his personal security. 


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