Myanmar Military Inhumanly Killed A Civilian And Cut Off His Body in Pieces And Then Dumped into the Field and River in Rakhine State

U Kyaw Hlaing's right leg spread from his body was found in the field on July 6 after Myanmar soldiers killed him and cut off his body in piece and dumped in the field and river. 

AN. Sittway. July 16, 2020. 


Column of Myanmar army assumed to be Light Infantry Division 11 arrested U Kyaw Haling, very poor casual labor and resident of Pike Thay Yat Ward in Kyauktaw town on July 2 when he was collecting empty beer cans and bottles to sell in order of earing income. 


He was taken to Shwe Kyaung Buddhist monastery in the town. His wife went to the monastery and quested the military caption to release her husband on July 4. But the caption lied her he was released.


His wife Daw Suu Kyi told the local human rights organization she saw her husband tighten on banana tree and his head was down. Then she told the captain she saw her husband and requested to meet him. The caption was angry and told her not to come back again and threaten he would shoot and kill her if she came back again. 


Then she requested the Buddhist monk in the monastery for helps. The monk went and saw the captain and requested to set free the arrested man. But the soldiers threatened the monk.


The township lawmaker U Aung Than Sein told Radio Free Asia Burmese Service on July 15 he went to the monastery on July 5, but the soldiers had already left.


On July 5, the government soldiers killed U Kyaw Haling and then cut off legs, thighs, arms, and head of and dumped in the field and Gisspa (Kaladana) river. 

“I and residents found his right leg in the field on July 6. Next day on July 7, his arms, left leg, thighs, head, and body were discovered in the river. His leg was still stuck with a rubber band he used to wear. On his armed the tattoo of our daughter name Suu Hlaing Win was appeared. He did not wear shirt when he went out. His sarong was found covering on his leg,” Daw Suu Kyi tells Arakan Human Rights Defender and Promote  Association (AHRDPA) at the office in Sittway on July 16. 

She said she is very angry and does not want to see the face of Myanmar soldier any more.


“I want to kill them. No one is helping me for legal pursuit of justice on my husband. If they help me for legal procedure, I will not revenge the soldiers who killed my husband. I want justice,” she said.


She said she is very poor and has a child girl. She relied on her husband. Neighbors are feeding her and the child. She said she does not know how to survive without her husband.


“I do not have parents. I am alone now and do not know how to live. I will starve,” she tells the rights organization. 


Her neighbors were very shocked when they found U Kyaw Hlaing’s body parts inhumanly amputated and dumped in the field and river. 


“They (Myanmar soldiers) are not human beings. They are monsters. How could they mercilessly and inhumanly cut off a human body in pieces. What the hellhound!,” said Maung Kyaw Thein, a friend of U Kyaw Hlaing. 

Similarly, the deceased body of U Tun Maung Sein, 60, who was shot and killed in China Khar Li village in Rathedaung township on July 13, was removed and detracted from his resident when villagers were fleeing and when the soldiers were remaining in the village. 

The family believed the soldiers amputated the body and dumped in the sea near the village. 


Analysts said the inhumane treatment of Myanmar soldiers over the civilians are not surprising because they are trained to be brutality and cruel manners. These kinds of cutting the human bodies in pieces were found in Karen, Kachen, and Shan states. They also did to Rohingya peoplein 2017. 


They said it is a clear evidence of war crime committed by Myanmar military and continuance, and international community and UN should not be taken leniency on such critical atrocity that civilized world cannot tolerate. 


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