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Myanmar navy's artilleries killed An 90 years old woman and injured 4 residents in Sittway Township Last Night

Location of Myanmar navy firing shells into Ah Myint Kyun village on June 9, 2020 and killed 90 years old woman and injured 4 more residents 
Sittway. June 10, 2020
Two navy ships fired shells into Ah Myint Kyun village, Sittway township, at 12.15 AM last night and killed Daw Jor Gi Ma, 90, at her resident when she was sleeping. 

The shells hit her directly and injured 4 more residents and destroyed several houses. 

A village woman Daw Thin Thin* said, “Her cranium was badly open up by the shell explosions. Her head was almost cut off from the body. It looked very scary. She was very old and poor woman lived with her daughter.”

The navy shells wounded 14 years old school girl Ma Nandar Win, and other two females Daw Ma San Yi, 45, and Daw Moe Nu Sein, 60. A couple bullets went through the left ribs of U Maung Ka Lin, 41. 

Ma Nandar Win and U Maung Ka Lin were taken to Sittway hospital but after 5 AM because the military checkpoint at Kyauktan Bridge did not allow the patients to pass the gate until dawn. 

Local residents reported they heard gunfire first and then the artillery fires followed, but they could not clear whether there was a military clash near the village last night.

“Two navy ships came from Sittway half an hour later and then started firing the shells into the village after small guns were fired near the police station,” Daw Thin Thin said. 

Myanmar navies are very infamous for firing artilleries into the residential areas . There was news reported last week the navy’s shells injured several villagers in Kyauktaw township. 

Note. *name is changed from original for her personal security reason. 


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