Military Sprays Guns To The Town After 2 Military Officers Were Attacked, 1 killed and 1 Abducted, in Myanmar’s Rakhine State; While Residents Laying Down On The Grounds, Some Are Fleeing by Boats

Location of a military officer is stabbed and killed and another officer is abducted in Ponnaygun on June 11,2020

AN. Sittway. June 11, 2020
A military officer was stabbed and killed while his aid was abducted by unknown men in the market in Ponnaygun, Rakhine State,  at 8 AM today.

Local people told our news the military men were from the town based Light Infantry Battalion 550. 

“They came to the market by motorbike this morning. As soon as they were parking the bike, five men quickly run into the park and stabbed the officer and grabbed his aid and taken away immediately,” said Aung Aung*, local resident who witnessed the incident. 

The military officer died in the market. His colleagues from the base came and pick up the decease body 20 minutes later. 

No one knows who the attackers are and where the another abducted soldier is taken to.

Shortly after the incident, 20 soldiers are entering into the town while open firing the guns randomly into the residential areas and the market.

The soldiers also block the main road in the town and the highway.  

“They (soldiers) start shooting around the town for 2 hours, from 8 to 10 AM. They are also rounding up some houses, work places, and wood and rice mills.  Some residents are fleeing nearby villages by boat,” Kyaw Kyaw* said. 

He said, “The situation will be worsened at night. More military forces are coming into the town right now.” 

The township lawmaker U Khin Maung Latt confirmed the shooting in the town and residents fleeing. 

He said, “People are laying down on the grounds for hours this morning. As soon as the shooting shop, some residents start running out of the town.”
Local residents in the town are very angry toward the military men after the forces shelled and killed 8 villagers and injured 13 civilians in Kyauk Seil on April 13. 

In addition, the local people are very much disappointed the five arrested from the same villager are charged with the terrorist laws after they brutally beaten and kicked in the custody on the navy ship that went viral video on social media.

Moreover, the soldiers shot into the town for a couple times in April and injured a Hindu boy. They also arrested a local woman in May. 

All these military violent acts are inviting the local people for revenge as a resistant exit tactic. 

Local people predict that more violence will be looming in the town in coming days. 

Note: *names are changing from original for their personal security. 


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