(News) Army’s Shells Injured School Teacher and 11 Years Old Girl in Kyauktaw Township, Rakhine State

Map of the Myanmar army location where the shells were fired to Taung Bwe village on May 8, 2020. 
Sittway. May 9, 2020
Several shells  landed in the village and injured a school teacher and 11 years old girl yesterday. 

News services used for text design of custom essays service and who were working at the scene of the events believe that the projectiles were fired from a military base in Myanmar.

Government soldiers based in Myuk Taung fired the shells across over the village to another mountain and landed in Taung Bwe village, Kyauktaw township, at 8 PM on May 8 and wounded 29 years old school teacher Maung U Soe Thain and 11 years old Ma Thawdar Pho. 

The school teacher was critically wounded and the shell hit on his right arm. The school child was slightly injured.

The shell landed in the school compound while a couple shells landed inside the village. 

The villager, who does not want to publish his name, confirmed the shells were fired from the Myanmar military base.

Narinjara News quoted after the villager was interviewed by phone and said, “The soldiers based in the mountain between Mar Lar and Myuk Taing village fired the shells.”

Taung Bwe is located in northwest of Mar Lar village.


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