Two High School Students and Three Villagers Are Missing in Ponnaygun Township; Families Want Their Sons Immediate Freedom

Aung Win Maung Tun, 18 years old and 10 graders, has been missing in the hand of security force since May 6. 
Sittway. May 9, 2020.
Myanmar soldiers based in Thar Zay village, Ponnaygun township, stopped several passenger boats and arrested 7 people on May 6. Five villagers are still missing. Their families do not have any contact with them and want to know whether they are alive. 

Two boats coming from Doe Tan and heading to Ponnaygun were stopped and arrested the passengers by the soldiers at the river intersection of Thar Zay village at 10 AM on May 6. 

First boat carried fiver passengers when another boat had two villagers. All seven villagers including chairman wife, two students, and the World Bank’s contractor Ma U Tin May were arrested. 

Ma U Tin May and the chairman wife were released in the evening, but two high school students and other three villagers have been missing since May 6. 

The missing students are 17 years old Nyein Chan Aung, 9 grader, and 18 years old Maung Win Maung Tun, 10 graders. 

Their families want to know where their sons are held and want immediate freedom. 

“I want to know where my sons are now. They are just students. I want my son immediately release,” one of the mothers  of the students told our news agency.

The column of 100 soldiers from Ponnaygun based Light Infantry Battalion 550 searched Doe Tan Thit village and arrest 4 more villagers at 10 AM today.

The arrested villagers are U Soe Than, 53, U Khung Yung, 58, U Soe Than, 57, U Awin Chay, 48. 

The same soldier briefly arrested 12 elderly villagers of over 70s from Doe Tan yesterday. They were released in the evening.

The rice mill was also searched and arrested several employees by the soldiers from LIB 550 in Ponnaygun yesterday. No one has yet got contact with them. 
Aung Nyein Chan Aung, 17 years old and 9 grader, has been missing in the hands of Myanmar soldiers since May 6


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