(News) Myanmar Army Arrested Dozen of Old Men of 70s in Ponnaygun Township While Searching Score of Residents

Shells fired from LIB 550 landed in Kyauk Seik and killed 8 civilians and injured 14 villages on April 14, 2020
Sittway. May 8, 2020.
Myanmar soldiers arrested dozen villagers yesterday and search residents in the town today morning. 

Myanmar soldiers fired and shelled into Doe Tan Thit, Ponnaygun township, at 4 AM yesterday. After that the solider entered into the village and gathered 30 elderlies in the Buddhist temple. Then six villagers were forced to destroy U Soe Hlaing house. The rest were released, but 12 villagers, mostly over 60s, were arrested and taken to unknown location. Their families don’t get any contact since then. 

The arrested villagers are:
  1. U Maung Aye Than, 73
  2. U Maung Mra Thein, 69
  3. U U Thar Bam, 68
  4. U Tun Aung Kyaw, 67
  5. U Maung Ba Sein, 65
  6. U U Tun Sein, 65
  7. U San Thein, 65
  8. U Shwe Thein Sein, 65
  9. U Soe Aung Thein, 63
  10. U Soe Tun Aung, 62
  11. U Maung Lone Chay, 52
  12. U Thein Nyunt Chay, 48

“They have been arrested since yesterday after 3 PM and taken to unknown location. At 7 o’clock this morning, the families don’t get any contact with them,” Lawmaker U Khin Maung Latt from Ponnaygun township said.

He said, “Fifty soldiers are searching residents near the bridge in Ponnaygun town this morning. I have not yet got the report of arrests yet, but I am monitoring it.” 

Analysists said Myanmar army is not confronting Arakan Army fighters in the mountains and forests near the village, but they are giving trouble to the villagers. 

One day ago and on May 7, the soldiers entered and searched houses in the town and arrested Daw Ma Than.

The soldiers based in Thar Zay river intersection searched score of boats and arrested half dozen people including World Bank contractor for community development, Ma U Tin May. 

“She was released on the same day, but four young men are still missing,” The lawmaker said.

The soldiers from LIB 550 arrested 39 villagers in Kyauk Seik on April 19. The rest were released but 5 villagers have been missing since then. 

Ponnaygun is the resident town of powerful Speaker San Kyaw Hla of the state parliament.

But military does not respect the speaker and never holds dialogue before searching the residents in town and arrest the residents of his constituency. 


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