Myanmar Military Shell and Injure Four Civilians in Ann Township, Rakhine State

Maung Way Nu's left eye is pull off by the shell sharpeners 
Sittway. April 9, 2020 
Myanmar army based in the mountain of Bazu Kine village fired artilleries to San U Dike village for three hours, starting from 8 PM and ended at 11 PM, on April 8.

Several shells landed in San U Dike village and injured four villagers.

The civilians injured are Maung Way Nu, 18, U Thung Hla Shwe, 30, U San Thein Hla, 37, and the female Daw Hla Hla New, 32. 

The left eye of Maung Way Nu was pulled off when the shell hit his head.

The artillery shells were fired from the military base to the village and actually landed in the houses without having any military clash near the village and did not have any fighting in Ann township yesterday.

Elder brother of Maung Way Nu said,” We don’t know why the soldiers fire the shells into our village. There is no fighting. Maybe this the army has policy to destroy our village and force us out the village intentionally like they do it in Kyauktaw and Minbya townships as the same pattern.”

Internally displaces persons (IDP) are increased from 138,000 to 157,291 in March by the military shelling, bombing, and setting fire the houses in northern Rakhine State. The refugees are facing shortage of foods, and some villages are sealed off by the soldiers.

He continues, “The military leaders may suspect us we are supporters of Arakan Army and that is why they are shelling us, and I think that they apply their own law of ‘kill them all.’  

People are dying every day in Rakhine and Chin states by jet fighter bombing, helicopter missiles, navy firing, and shooting into the villages. 

More pressure is needed by the UN and international community for these violent killing in Rakhine State.  

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  1. Canda KumaraApril 10, 2020 at 7:00 AM

    Violent Myanmar Army get out from Arakan state!


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