Myanmar Soldiers Killed Village Chairman in Rakhine State

Chairman U Kyaw Mra Sein, 57, from Naram Village is shot and killed on April 8

Sittway. April 8, 2020

Families get news today their love ones were shot and killed in Minbya on March 4.

The soldiers from Minbya based Infantry 541 shoot and kill Chairman U Kyaw Mra Sein, 57 and son of U Maung Tun Pru, in their base on March 4.

U Ran Aung Chay, 33 and son of U Thar Kyaw, was also shot and killed in the same military compound. He lived in Naram village in Minbya township.  

U Kyaw Mra Sein was an official and elected chairman of Naram village. 

The soldiers came to the village and arrested these two men and took them to the military base on March 2.  Since then had been missing and the families got no news but today. 

“I don’t know why the soldiers arrested the chairman and another villager. But I am told by friends from Minbya they were shot and killed in the military base today,” a villager who wants to keep his name for confidential said.  

Soldiers from LID 66 arrested two more villagers in Pha Pyo on April 2. They are still missing from that day. Their families get no contact at all and do not know where they are about.

The same soldiers set fire the houses in Pha Pyo for a couple times last month and killed an 85 years old disable woman and a 50 years old man by throwing them into the fire while alive. 

The deceased bodies of the chairman and the villager from Naram had never been handed over to the families for traditional funeral services. 


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