Myanmar Military Helicopter Killed Seven Civilians, Wounded Eight Other Villagers, and Destroyed Houses in Chin State

Military helicopter attacking in Rakhine State 

Sittway. April 8, 2020 

This event took place on 08 April, but local residents are already predicting that there will be more jet fighters and military helicopters to bomb. Thus, has a sad prediction that the number of civilian casualties will rise in the coming weeks and months.
Military helicopters dropped bombs into Nan Chung Wa village in Paletwa township, Chin State, at 3.15 PM on April 7. The bombs killed seven Rakhine and Khami ethic people including 3 years old boy, and wounded eight more civilians. The helicopters also destroyed eight houses. 

The killed villagers are U Lin Phyo,35, Daw Aung Than, 52, Maung Kyaw Naing Oo,15, Maung Lin Aung, 18, Daw Ma Tun, 12, Maung Kyaw Naing Lin, 3, and Daw Hwai Nway, 45. 

The injured civilians are Daw Long Kike, 50, Daw Ma Pru, 62, Daw Mawnikar, 23, Aung Thein Yaw, 3, Ma Hwai Win, 23, Ma Win Nway, 18, Ma Khin Yid, 12, and Daw Koe Sid, 53.

The landlord of destroyed houses are U Maung Hla Tun, Hwai Nan, U Rong Ngine, Son Ko, Daw Aung Than, Daw Aung Pray, U Lin Prone, and Daw Koe Side. Some landlords are already killed during the bombing.

There was reports that Arakan Army and Myanmar army were fighting near Paletwa one day go, but the fighting place was a bit far from the village.

Nan Chung village is located on the road between Kyawtaw and Paletwa. It is close to the bridge across from Kaladan river and a couple miles away from Pateltwa. 

The civilian casualties are reached the highest level in Chin State in April after the jet fighters killed 21 villagers last month in Paletwa township. 

Military analysts said after deputy commander of Myanmar Armed Force General Soe Win is commanding the military operations in northern parts of Rakhine State, more jet fighters are used that results higher civilian casualties.

He is infamous for brutal and portrayed as hardliner. The general was accused involving in mob attack on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Depayin in 2003. Seventy members of her party, National League for Democracy, were killed during the attack, but she was rescued.

Analysts said General Soe Win led the military operation against Karen and seized the headquarter of National Union (KNU) in Manerplaw in 1995, one of the largest ethnic armed organization near Thai-Myanmar border. 


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