Civilian Death Tolls Raised in Ponnaygun, Rakhine State, after Myanmar Army Fired Shells into the Village

120 MM rocket shells landed in Kyauk Site village on April 13

Sittway. April 13, 2020. 
It was wonderful evening in Kyauk Site village yesterday. Thousands of villagers went to the Buddhist temple and washed and cleaned the Buddha images with nard water and wish for good-deed for the new year. 

After they came back home, they did the same purification of the Buddha images at their homes and prayed for peace and prosperity and welcome the raining season. But they did not know the bloody tragedy was striking onto their love ones.

Today is starting of Thangyin, Rakhine and Buddhist traditional water festival, and the villagers are cautiously celebrating it in the morning amid Covid 19 virus threat. 

Suddenly and at 8.10 AM as busy hours, several shells fired from the military base of infantry 550 in Ponnaygun land in the center of the village and on the nearby highway. The shells kill 8 civilians and injure 11 more villagers. 

Entire villagers are terrified and crying for helps. 

The initial news reported 5 civilians are killed and 12 injured. But at 12 noon, the death toll of civilians are raising. 

Htet Myat Oo, 11, Kyaw Myo Oo, 22, Soe Tun, 25, and 24 years old woman Than Than Soe are killed on the spot. 

Maung Htay Win, 16, Maung Maung Chay, 23, Maung Kyaw San, 27, died at the hospitals in Ponnaygun and Sittway separately. 

Kyaw Naing San, 15, died in the ambulance and on the way to Sittway hospital. 

According to the local rescue team members, the ambulance carrying Kyaw Naing San is stopped for more than one hour by the soldiers at the checkpoint near Sittway. Then he died in the car due to the over bleeding and out of times for emergency treatment. 

The wounded civilians are Aung Lin Htay, 3, Than Htay Naing,13, U Soe Win, 23, Kyaw Soe Win, 17, Tun Aye Hlaing, 45, Maung Myint Naing, 31, Ko Ko Naing, 21, U Maung Thein, 37,  and the women are Daw Ma Phu, 23, Ma Than Hla, 41, and Ma Thein Oo, 51.    

State lawmaker Aung Than Tin reports there is no military clash in the village. 
Civilian killed on the highway 

One of the villagers who does not want to publish his name said, “The military deliberately fire the shells into our villages. We don’t have any problem with the soldiers, and they even landed in our village by navy several days ago. They shopped at our village and bought rice and chickens.”

“I am very sad by these senseless killing on our family and friends,” he continues.

The military jet fighters bombed and struck Nan Chaung village in Chin State and killed 7 civilians and wounded 8 other villagers on April 8. 

Military analysists point out that the military generals take advantage of the Covid 19 virus situation and internet blackout in Rakhine State and launch aggressive military operations that result massive civilian actualities and IDPs increased. 


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