Myanmar Army Shells Kill Massive Civilians and Injure Dozen in Ponnaygun, Rakhine State

A woman killed by MyanmarInfantry 550 shells landed on the highway and in the village in Kyauk Site 

Kuala Lumpur. April 13, 2020

Sittway. April 13, 2020 

Myanmar Infantry 550 based in Ponnaygun fires artillery shells to Kyauk Site village, 2 miles from the town, and kills seven civilians and wounded more than 10 villagers at 8.10 AM this morning.

Five villagers are killed on the spot and two critical civilians die at the hospital in Ponnaygun. 

State lawmaker Aung Than Tin witnesses the civilian actualities.

“I see several people are killed and many wounded on the Stittway-Yangon Hightway,” The lawmaker said. 

The infantry has been firing shells to different locations for two weeks. At this time, the shells are landed on the highway at the busy hours near the town and kill the people. 

There is no fighting and peaceful, but today massive killing alarms entire residents in the town and nearby villages the army deliberately targeting civilians.

“I don’t know why the army is shelling village even though there is no military clash and very calm. I am very outrageous for these senseless killing,” the lawmaker said.

A dozen of wounded civilians are taken to the hospital in Ponnaygun.  


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