Two Minor Children Were Injured in Ponnaygun at Last Night Shooting, One Day After Massive Civilians Killed in Rakhine State

The wall of Ponnaygun resident is hit by bullets last night shooting
Sittway. April 15, 2020
Yet to heal the pain of loss of families and friends in Kyauk Seik village, one day ago after 8 civilians were killed and 11 villagers injured on April 13, Myanmar army attacked the town, Ponnaygun, last night. 

The town residents reported there were two minor children injured by the shell sharpeners last night attacks. 

Military based in Ponnaygun 550 fired shells and guns into the town at 7 PM while some soldiers jumping into the residential areas and shot the houses in close range unit 8.15 PM. 

Many houses are damaged. Some windows and roots are completely destroyed. 

Reliable sources told our news agency the shooting occurred after Arakan Army attacked Myanmar soldiers for the pay-back of massacre in Kyauk Seik.  

The sources said AA attacked Myanmar soldiers when the navy were loading soldiers and military supplies near Guwa Pagoda last night, a half mile away from Kyuuk Seik and two and half miles from Ponnaygun. But our news agency cannot verify AA and Myanmar military spokesperson for the attack due to the communication difficulty.

The soldiers were brought to reinforce in northwest of Ponnaygun and to Phat Kya village where AA and government soldiers have been fighting for two weeks.  

AA fighters attacked the soldiers by remote mines and then fired the guns for 15 minutes near the pagoda. 

The sources said 40 soldiers were killed and many injured. Thus, the town based infantry 550 randomly fired the shells and guns into the town.

Nevy docking on the river and nearby Kyauk Seik also fired artilleries into the fields and mountains near the attacked location.

Several Jet fighters pound mountains and forests near Phat Kya village yesterday. 

Another source close to the Phat Kya battle told over 60 Myanmar soldiers were killed in the fight so far. On the other sides, two AA fighters were also killed by the air strikes. 

Relatives and friends mourning for final burial in Kyauk Seik
The source said some Myanmar soldiers with long hairs and civilian look do not even know how to shoot the guns. Some military personals are minor and very old. The source wonder how these people were brought to the helly-bully battles in Rakhine.

The town residents say Myanmar soldiers always make revenge shooting to the civilians after their comrades are suffered and killed in the battels. The residents are angry and say, “Go fight AA but not to us. We have only stomachs that you can shoot.”  

The gravest loss of families and friends in Kyuk Seik are still fresh in their memory of suffering and injustice and senseless killing.

The last night attacking on the civilians will never be justifiable.


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