Arakan State Report #3; 3 deaths, 4 Injured, 5 arrested, 1,500 IDPs increased and 1,500 Villagers trapped

Ba Than, wounded by gunshot is cut off his left hand in Sittway hospital 

Report of Ground Information on Human Rights Violation, War Crime, IDPs, Arson, and political condition in Rakhine State, Myanmar  

(Report of From June August 1 to August 7, 2019)
Reported by Arakan Information Center (AiC) in Sittway, Yangon, Chiang Mi-Thailand, and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.

From August 1 to 7, 2019, 3 men died by gunshot and stabbed and 4 injured, including 2 women and an underage girl by gunshots and artillery shell sharpeners. 5 men are arrested, including a school teacher. 4 villagers were later released, but the school teacher is charged with anti terrorism laws. 

1,500 villagers are recently taking shelters, mostly in Rathedaung township, due to the wars between AA and MA. 1,500 villagers from 15 villages in Rathedaung township areas are locked and trapped in the middle of fights between AA and MA since August 3. Humanitarian assistances are blocked and communication is cut off with the 1,500 trapped villagers. 

Arakan Army’s statements write on its webpage it has clashes with Myanmar army 12 times in the first week of August and kill 122 Myanmar soldiers, including high ranking officers.

Civilians casualties are still high in this week. Myanmar army seems not care that much of humanitarian and international laws. They repeat the same atrocities on Rakhine people as they had done on Raohingya, Kachin, Karen, and Shan people.

1,500 villagers who are locked in the middle of the fights need urgent response of humanitarian assistances and reconnection of communication. 

More reinforcement troops were sent to northern and southern parts of Rakhine State in last week, including on the highway between Taunggok and Ann townships. They are deploying on the highway and nearby villages. Analysts predict that the wars will be expended to the southern parts of Rakhine State as well. 

Internet services restoration in Rakhine State is nowhere closer but may take longer months.

Delivery of UN and international humanitarian assistances to the IDPs in Rakhine State is shill blocked when war refugees are increasing daily. 

International community and UN need to respond the humanitarian crisis urgently.   

Background of Report:
Arakan Information Center gathers news and documents on the grounds by local volunteers and from local news. We confirm the news directly by the victim’s families and other related sources before we report it. 

We are very concerned of credibility and authenticity of our reports and sources as well as safely for the victim’s families and our volunteers on the ground. If you have any question regarding this report. You are kindly advised to contact us directly underneath of contact e-mail and phone. 

We wish you enjoy receiving our report. 

Military Clashes:

1.     August 1: Arakan Army and Myanmar army clash in Buthidaung and Pannaygun townships and 23 Myanmar soldiers are killed and 10 injured.120 Myanmar troops and AA troops are fighting between Phon Nyo Lake and Htet Too Puck villages in Buthidaund township at 7.12 AM. AA says it kills 5 Myanmar soldiers. At 8 AM, Myanmar army attacks AA troops in the mountain that is situated 1 kilo meter away from Khung Duck village in Buthidaung township.  150 Myanmar troops of LID 22 and AA break out a fight on 1 kilo meter from north of Thay Chung village in Pannaygun township at 1.15 PM for 15 minutes. Later, the same LID attacks on AA but retreated with heavy actualities on two more times. AA claims it kills 19 Myanmar troops and 9 wounded.  
2.     August 2: AA and MA have clashed in several townships and over 25 Myanmar troops are killed and over 10 soldiers injured. At 8 AM, 200 Myanmar troops attack on AA in the mountain that is 1 kilo meter on eastward of Khung Duck village in Buthidaung township while other 250 troops reinforcing with artillery supports for 3 days. AA says it kills 5 Myanmar soldiers and injured 6. AA attacks on 40 Myanmar troops between Wak Hmine and Kyauk Tan village in Kyauktaw township at 12.50 PM. AA claims it kills 10 Myanmar soldiers. Between Bu Wrak Ma Nhay and Wetharli villages in Mrauk U township, AA attacks 50 Myanmar troops at 1.35 PM. AA claims it kills 4 soldiers, including a high ranking officer. From 2.30 PM to 10 PM, Myanmar army and AA are fighting at BP-71 and BP-72 in Paletwa township, Chin State. AA says it kills 4 soldiers.  
3.     August 3: AA says over 60 Myanmar troops are killed and 30 injured in the calashes and friendly fire between August 3 and 4. At BP-71 and near Pedaung areas, AA fighters blocks and circles troops from LID 77 for several days. Myanmar soldiers are cut off rations during the blockage. Some soldiers are attempting to break through the blockage lines on August 3. AA says 6 soldiers are killed by AA fighters during the attempted. In the mountain that is located 2 kilo meter away from east of Kalama Taung village in Minbya township, 200 Myanmar troops attack AA at 11.35 AM. 
4.     August 4: Fighting continues at BP-71 in Paletwa township where LID 77 troops are blocked and encircled by AA troops for several days already. AA says helicopters landed and rescued Myanmar soldiers. Support by artillery firing and friendly fire each other, 5 Myanmar soldiers are killed at BP-71. The same fight continues near Kalama Taung village, Minbya township, for the whole day, and AA claims it kills 10 soldiers and 15 wounded. Overwhelm Myanmar troops supported by artillery firing attack on AA in the mountain of 1.2 kilo meter away from Thalu Chung village for 2 hours from 1 PM to 2 PM. During the attacks, AA commandos attacks the artillery base and kills 2 soldiers and wounded 6 troops. Some Myanmar soldiers are also killed themselves after the artillery exploded itself. 
5.     August 5: At 9 AM, AA and MA fight 2.1 kilo meter of Namada village in Paletwa township, Chan State. At 11 AM, AA and MA fight 1.7 Kilo meter of Upper Pewa village in Paletwa township and at BP-71. The fight continues on the mountain near Kalama Taung village in Minbya township. Myanmar army fires artilleries from Lak Khug, Ramaung, and Kyi Kan Taung villages to the mountain for the whole days. AA says it kills 13 Myanmar soldiers and wounded 20 during the fights.  
Death, Injured, Arrests, Refugees, Political, and Social News Diary 
1.     August 1: Ma Aye Aye Myint, 24, with 9 months pregnant is wounded on her right arm by gunshot when she and her husband are eating dinner in Mahar Muni village, Thayat Tapin village tract in Kyauktaw township. First, artillery fires, and later gunshots come out for several minutes. The bullets hit on her arms. Local residents say the gunfire come from Myanmar soldiers who stay at Mahar Myatmuni Pagoda.  She is taken to Sittway hospital.

28 accused and detainees are brought to the court in Sittway. They are charged with anti terrorism laws. 23 villages are from Lakka village, Mrauk U township, who have been arrested since April. 4 accused are from Min Thar daung village and 1 from Shwe Pray village, Kyauktaw township.  

A landmine is exploded between Dunbike and Aung Bala village in Rathedaung township at 7 AM. The mine is aimed to border guard police convey while replacing with new troops. No injury is found. 

A landmine is exploded and then fight breaks out on Yangon-Sittway Highway about 100 feet away from Van Vee, a Mro ethnic village, in Pannaygun township at 1 PM. 

2.     August 2: Chit Thu Aung, 26, is shot and killed by Myanmar soldiers in Amyin Kyanng village, Sittway township, at 11 PM when he and his brother in law, Kyaw Myint Lwin (aka) Myo Kyaw Oo are coming from crab farm. Both men ride motorbikes when they are stopped by police checkpoint at the bridge. Chit Thu Aung’s motorbike break is broken and cannot stop it immediately. Then the soldiers shoot him 8 times. All bullets go through  his back and out from the front chest. He dies on the spot. Myo Kyaw Oo is arrested and taken to Pannaygun police station. He is released 3 days later by bills. 

Ba Than, 24 years old man, and Ma Thein Than Oo, 14 years old girl, are wounded by gunshots in Kyauk Tan village, Kyauktaw townhip, at 1 PM. Both are feeding cows in the farm near the village. AA and MA are fighting near the village at 1 PM. Both injured are taken to Kyauktaw hospital. 
3.     August 3: Authorities in Taungok town announce by loudspeakers that any stranger comes to the town shall be reported to authority. Fail to report by the residents will be charged with law breaking. 
4.     August 4: 1,280 villagers in Myinkasite village in Minbya townhip are out of foods and need emergency assistances. Most of the villagers are farmers and casual labors. They collect foods in the mountains and rivers for survival. Since April, they cannot go out to the mountains and rives to collect vegetables and fish due to heavy military presence and military clashes between AA and MA. 8 women and men were briefly detained by soldiers last month when they went to the mountain to collect vegetables. 

U Than Naing, 40, Maung Soe Win, 31, and Ko Soe Moe Kyaw, 20, are briefly arrested and questioned in Ku Daung village in Rathedaung township by Myanmar soldiers when they go to the farm to feed the cows in the morning. They are released at 7 PM.  

Buddhist monks request to remove Myanmar troops who are stationing at historic Hamar Myatmuni Pagoda in Kyauktaw township. Many troops station at pagodas and Buddhist temples in Rathedaung, Minbya, and Pannaygun townships. People cannot for prayers and worshipping. 
5.     August 5: School teacher and government servant Zaw Lin Aung, 27, is arrested by Myanmar army Battalion 551 at 9 AM when he is going back to Kyar Nyo Pyin village from Thayark Pyin village in Buthedaung township. He has been teaching at Kyar Nyo Pyin village for 3 years. He is charged with anti terrorism law in Buthidaung.

1,500 more IDPs are admitted shelters in Annthar and Thay Ken villages. They are running away from PhonThar Chung, Thalu Chung, Aaungboke Kay, Kalama Taung, Dun Thar villages in Minbya township after AA and MA break out the fight between Phon Thar Chuang and Pan Myung Chung areas. Hundreds of villagers are turned back and trapped in the battles by Myanmar soldiers in Lak Khuk village. 
6.     August 6: Former military captain and administrator of Rathedaung township, U Win Aung, resigned from his post due to ineffective functioning and over power of military in the township since the military operation has started against AA in January 2019. 

San Oh Village Chairman U Than Maung, 55, and Dar Thar Site village of 10 household representative Maung Win Naing,34, Mrauk U township are killed. U Than Maung was abducted by unknown gunmen after he was retuning from San Oh Muslim village, completion of census collection on August 3. His body was found in Gisspa river by wrapping up with a plastic bag.  

Maung Win Naing body with tighten and stabbed was found near Dar Thar Site Muslim village in the evening. He went to the village chairman office to get stamp. Later on, he was found death near the village on August 5.   
7.     August 7: Entire villagers from Kyauk Tan village, Rathedaung township, run away after AA and MA are fighting nearby the mountain. Previously, 275 villagers were detained and then 8 killed and wounded 7 by the soldiers gunfire on May 2. 

Minbya township Lawmaker U Hla Thein and 4 Buddhist monks are turned away by Myanmar soldiers when they are going to Lakkhuk village where 1,500 villagers from 15 villages are locked and trapped in the middle of fights between AA and MA for several days. The villagers are cut of communication and foods delivery. 

Daw Ain Saw May, 63, is wounded by artillery shell sharpeners on her left leg in Kyauk Tan village, Rathedaung township. Two villagers who are remaining after all villagers run out of the village are briefly arrested by Myanmar soldiers. They are U Maung Yaung, 59, and U Ni Shwe Maug, 52, and later released. 

Villagers from Thami Hla village in Rathedaung township run away from the village after Myanmar soldiers are firing guns and entering into the villages. Some elderlies, women, and children are remaining in the village. They face difficulty of funeral service of a death women, namely Daw Kyi Thar Ma, 42, who died a couple days ago, due to insufficient of men auxiliary support in the village. 
Acronym: Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar army (MA)

Arakan Information Center (AiC) is a non-profit human rights and documentation center that focuses on Rakhine State, Myanmar. 

August 7, 2919

Phone: +6011 5117 1291


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