Report on Rakhine State of Right Abuses and Military Clashes on July 24-31

Ye Lin Naing, an INGO staff is shout and wounded by Myanmar solider in Mark U town 

Report of Ground Information on Human Rights Violation, War Crime, IDPs, Arson, and political condition in Rakhine State, Myanmar  

(Report of From June July 24 to July 31, 2019)
Reported by Arakan Information Center (AiC) in Sittway, Yangon, Chiang Mi-Thailand, and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.


Within 7 days from July 24 to 31, 2019, 9 people are injured by gunshots and shell explosions, including a woman with 9 months pregnancy. Myanmar army and soldiers have arrested 29 men, including under age boys. 2,100 villagers run away from the villages and become IDPs.  

Arakan Army releases its statements of military clashes with Myanmar army in Myanmar language. We summarize and record their statements daily. In its statements, AA writes 19 clashes, including attacking on a police outpost, are taken places in 7 days period. It say AA kills 145 Myanmar soldiers. 

Human rights violations of targeted shooting on civilians is high. Arbitrary arrests on young men are higher and higher daily. Myanmar army does not restraint its rights abuses and respect international humanitarian laws and rule of battle engagements even though international governments and United Nations urge for it. 

Fighting between Arakan Army and Myanmar will not ease soon. Myanmar army is sending more troops by lands and by water transportations. 

IDPs are increasing day by day. They need urgent assistances of foods and shelters. UN agencies are not allowed to assist the IDPs by Myanmar government.   

Background of Report:
Arakan Information Center gathers news on the grounds by local volunteers and from local news. We confirm the news directly by the victim’s families and other sources before we document before included in this report. 

We are very concerned of credibility and authenticity of our reports and safely for the victim’s families and our volunteers on the ground. 

We wish you can use our confidently without any backlash. 

Military Clashes:
1.     July 24: Arakan Army is cross-attack on Myanmar troops of 230 on 2 kilo meters of north-east from Mahar Myatmuni pagoda and in the mountain. AA claims it kills 50 government troops and injured 50. 
2.     July 25: AA attacks Myanmar army between Peduck Myin and Chutpyin villages in Rathidaung township at 12.12 PM. AA says it kills 2 Myanmar soldiers. Similarly, AA and MA troops are fighting on the north and 1.6 Kilometer of Khankha Mountain in Chin State after MA troop entering into the AA stronghold areas.
3.     July 26: AA attacks Nyung Chung Police outpost in Buthidaung township at 4.10 AM and wounded 4 policemen. AA says the police oppresses local people and harboring military supplies and artillery stations. AA attacks 130 Myanmar troops between Htamarik and Okkphokan villages in Mrauk U township at 6 AM. A high-ranking officer and 5 privates are killed by AA. Arakan Army commandos attack 220 MA troops on 4.2 kilo meters of east ward of Shwe Pyay village in Kyauktaw township at 3.35 PM. AA claims it kills 30 Myanmar soldiers. 
4.     July 27: AA attacks on 120 Myanmar troops on 1.5 kilo meters of east side of Nyaung Chung village in Minbya township at 9 AM, and Myanmar army of 300 troops enter into AA base by splitting three columns. The first column of 120 troops is attacked by AA in the farm of east of Kalama village for 2 hours. AA says it kills 15 Myanmar troops. AA attacks Myanmar army between Chukcung and Ngyauyke Kine villages in Kyauktaw township at 10.35 AM. AA claims it kills 6 soldiers.  
5.     July 28: There is no major clashes but Myanmar army send more reinforcement forces to Buthidaung township areas. 
6.     July 29: There is no major clash but AA snipers hunt down Myanmar soldiers in Paletwa township areas and near Bangladesh-Myanmar border. 
7.     July 30: AA and MA have several clashes in Bhithdaung, Kyauktaw, Minbya, and Rathedaung township areas. First, AA attacks 70 Myanmar troops between Phon Nyo Like and Puacktu Taung villages in Buthidaung townhip at 9 AM. Second, 250 Myanmar troops enter into the AA territory and brake out the fight. AA claims it kills 5 Myanmar soldiers. Third, AA makes a cross-attacks on 150 Myanmar soldiers between Okthanken and Bu Rwamanyo villages in Mrauk U township. Forth, AA and MA are fighting between Kala Chung and Magee Chung villages in Rathedaung township. AA says it kills 5 Myanmar soldiers. Fifth, AA snipers kill 3 Myanmar soldiers in Pelatwa township, Chin State.
8.     July 31: AA and Myanmar army have 6 clashes in Mrauk U, Pannaygun, Kyauktaw, and Minbya townships. First, AA attacks on 150 Myanmar troops between Okthaken and Bu Rwamanyo villages in Mrauk U township at 3.13 AM, and once more it attacks the same troop between Maung Ni Ken and Htamarick villages, Mrauk U township. AA says it kills 8 Myanmar soldiers. Second, AA commandos attack on 150 Myanmar troop at a temporary station on 3.3 Kilo meters away from Myinkasite village in Minbya township at 12 PM. AA claims it kills 8 Myanmar soldiers. Third, AA and MA troops fight on 1.7 Kilo meters away from Maharmyat Muni pagoda in Kyauktaw township at 3.40 PM. AA claims it kills 15 Myanmar soldiers. Forth, AA attacks on 170 Myanmar troops on the eastern side of Tawphya Chung and near Zaydi Pyin bridge at 4.50 PM. AA says it kills 10 soldiers. 

Two bombs explosions are placed in Pannaygun township on July 31. Yangon-Sittway highway is temporarily close. The bombs explode on highway near north of Packkhuk village in the morning. 

Death, Injured, Arrests, Refugees, Political, and Social News Diary  
1.    July 24: Del Mermoud, 14 and a Rohingya boy, was injured by artillery shell that landed in U Yin Thar village. Local people say several shells are landed in the village when AA and MA are fighting.  

Myanmar Navy orders not to fish in the sea in Muzay Island in Kyauk Phyu township between 6 AM and 6 PM. All fishermen face very difficulties to earn for living. 

2.     July 25. Two Rakhine youths from Sapahtar villages, Kyauktaw Township, Hla Aung Tun and Kyaw Naign Soe, are arrested by Myanmar soldiers in Wine Maw township in Kachin State. Myanmar military accuses they are members of AA. But their parents say they went to jade mines in Hpakant, Kachin State. 

Police and soldiers arrest Maung Swe Ngwe, Ye Lin Naing, and Win Win Tun in the farm when they are working in the farm in Chut Pyin village, Rehtidaung township. Two mines are exploded between Chut Pyin and Pedaung Myo villages at 12 PM before they are arrested. 
3.     July 26. Myanmar army shelling populated villages in Buthidaung township and wounded several Rohingya villagers. 1. Karsikular, 15, 2. Yarsamitarya, 14, 3. Ali Marmutu, 74, and 4. Kyaw Zaw Tun, 22. They are taken to Buthidaung hospital. 

Nine arrested men, 8 deported by Singapore are brought to West Ward Distract Court in Yangon, including a taxi driver. They are Hein Zaw, Daw Aye Myat Mon, Aung Myat Kyaw, Tun Aye, Tin Hlaing Oo, Ye Kyaw Htet, Shwe Haling, and Bo Than Naing. We do not know the taxi driver name. Court orders for 14 day remands on the accused. Family members and lawyers cannot meet them because they are waiting at Mayangone court while they are taken to different court in Yangon.  

Chinese Ambassador Mr. Chen Hai visits to to Kuauk Phyu town and take a look on SEZ areas. 

Appeal to High Court by Imprisoned Dr Aye Maung and U Way Hin Aung are rejected by the judges in Naypaytaw. 

4.     July 27: Myanmar army arrests 8 women and 4 men in Myin Kasite village, Minbya township when they  go to mountain to collect vegetables. They are Ma Win Soe, Ma Ma Ye Than May, Ma Ma Lone, Ma Nyunt Tin, Ma Kyi Kyi, Ma Moe Nyunt Tin, Ma Ye Than May, Ma Hla Than, and 4 men are Maung Than Nyae, Maung Myo Naing Tun, Maung Athan, and Maung Puck Site Kay. 
5.     July 28: Myanmar police and soldiers arrest 11 IDPs in Pannaygun town. They run away from the villages in Rathedaung townhip due to fighting between AA and MA. Two arrested are high school students from Pyar Pyin village. They are Maung Thein Than Oo, 14 and Maung Nay Lin Tun Tun. The rest are Maung Than Tun, Kyaw San Win, Aung Kyaw San, Zaw Naing Win, Bo San Win, Aung Bo Bo, driver U Tun Myaint, and two other men, not yet known their names. 
6.     July 29: Dozens of shops in front of communication and transportation office in Sittway are forced to ejected by police. Many shopkeepers and owners become jobless. 

Ye Lin Naing, 25, and an INGO staff who works for Plan International, is shot by Myanmar soliders in Mrauk U town when he is going back to home by motorbike. His chest is hit by bullets. Later police guards and take him to Sittway hospital for critical condition. He is accused by Myanmar army they found a hand granite in his motorbike and charged with terrorist act. Local people believe Myanmar army covers up for their crimes by setting up the granite on the motorbike and accused him for their mistakes. 

Police search a house in Wra Chung Gree village in Pauktaw township. 

7.     July 30: 200 villagers from Kalama Taung, Tankhan Tie, Dong Thar villages in Minbya township run out of the villages when Myanmar soldiers are entering their villages. 

Maung Tin Chan from Sit Taw village, Kyauk Phyu township, is arrested and charged with giving state security and danger when he writes about soldiers searching villages in Kyauk Phyu township. 

ICRC rescues 10 villagers in U Yin Thar, Chat Cha Taung, Sango Taung, and Ngyar Yone Taung villages in Buthidaung township. They are trapped on the middle of the fights between AA and MA. The rescued villagers are U Sein Thar Khine, 82, U Maung Hla, 72, U Maung Lu Gree, 74, U Ba Tin, 66, U Hla Tun, 48, U Kyaw Sein, 89, U Saw Hla, 88, Daw Ma Nu Sein, 80, Daw Dar Kra Phyu, 87, and a Buddhist monk Ven. Thumana, 49. 

8.       July 31: Daw Myat Myat Thway is hit by shell sharps when she is cooking food at her home in Lakema village in Kyauktaw township. Her house is destroyed by the artillery shell.  

Kyaw Thet Tun, 25, and a female Ma Aye Myint, 24, are shot by Myanmar soldiers who stay at Mahamyat Muni pagoda when the villagers are riding a motorbike and going back to their village at 5 PM. They are severely wounded and taken to Kyauktaw hospital. Near the pagoda, AA and MA are fighting at the evening.  

Ma Aye Myat is with 9 month pregnant. 

Acronym: Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar army (MA)

Arakan Information Center (AiC) is a non-profit human rights and documentation center that and focuses on Rakhine State, Myanmar. 
July 31, 2919
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