Arakan (Rakhine) State Report 4: Two died, 4 injured, 14 arrested, 3,000 villagers trapped on Aug 7-14

Report of Ground Information on Human Rights Violation, War Crime, IDPs, Arson, and political condition in Rakhine State, Myanmar  
IDP Children in Rakhine State 

(Report of From June August 7-15, 2019)
Reported by Arakan Information Center (AiC) in Sittway, Yangon, Chiang Mi-Thailand, and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.


Between August 7 and 14, 2 villagers died, 4 injured, and 14 Rakhine ethnic were arrested. Nine arrested were later released, but 5 arrested later charged with Counter Terrorist Laws in Myanmar, including a school teacher.  

An 18 years gold girl was attempted to rape by soldiers from LID 22 in Buthidaung township.

3,000 villagers in Buthidaun, Minbya, and Rethedaaung are still barred from traveling. They face shortage of foods and medicines. 

Arakan Army statements report 10 clashes are taken between August 7 and 14. The statements say AA kills 84 Myanmar soldiers and wounded 37. AA also says its troops of 4 killed and severe injured.


3,000 people need emergency responses for foods and medicines in Buthidaung, Minbya, and Rathedaung township areas and about 20 villages. Myanmar army is launching heavy military operations in that areas. The villagers are barred from traveling by the army. Local charity organization, UN agencies, and local lawmakers are not allowed to go to the trapped people to provide foods and medicine.

Soon, they will be starved and sick. UN and international community need to provide foods and medicines to the trapped villagers. 

Myanmar government seems not care that much for the humanitarian assistances and the needs of troubling people. 

Myanmar army seems they will not make peace with Aarakan Army, and the war will take longer term. The war is more longer, the people will get more troubles.  

International community and UN are needed to mediate peace between Myanmar army and Arakan army based on humanitarian ground. 

Background of Report:
Arakan Information Center gathers news and documents on the grounds by local volunteers and from local news. We confirm the news directly by the victim’s families and other related sources before we report it. 

We are very concerned of credibility and authenticity of our reports and sources as well as safely for the victim’s families and our volunteers on the ground. If you have any question regarding this report, you are kindly advised to contact us directly underneath of contact email and phone. 

We wish you enjoy receiving our report. 

Military Clashes:
1.     August 6: There is no major clashes on August 6, but Myanmar army sent many reinforcement troops to Rathedaung and Maungdaw townships. They are also firing artilleries to possible locations of AA movements for the whole days.
2.     August 7: Arakan Army has been circled and blocked up Infantry 105 under LID 77 near BP-71 and BP-72 in Paletwas township, Chin State, for one month. At 9 AM, LID 77 attempts to rescue their trapped troops near the BP-71 area on Bangladesh-Myanmar border and attack on AA troop. AA fighters defend MA attacks and fight for one hour last. AA says some of its troops are killed and injured while 4 Myanmar soldiers are killed. During the fight AA says high ranking officers from LID 77 and under its command Infantry 105 are killed by AA commandos. 

At 8.10 AM, AA commandos attack on 200 Myanmar troops on 1.5 kilo meters away from Tinn Ma village, Kyauktaw township. AA claims it kills 15 Myanmar troops and wounded many. 

At 1 PM 150 Myanmar troops attack AA fighters on northeast of Kyauktan, Rathedaung township,  and 2.3 kilo meter away from the village for a few minutes. After AA fighters are conducting counter attack, Myanmar army withdraw but firing artilleries from far distance to AA troops. 

Arakan Army claims it kills at least 25 Myanmar soldiers and wounded 30 during the fight on August 7. 
3.     August 8: There is no major clashes.
4.     August 9: On 2.4 kilo meter from north of Pechungwa village, 400 Myanmar troops have been attacking AA fighters for 4 days. Each time the Myanmar soldiers attack, it last at least 30 minutes and for several times.  But AA troops defend the attacks wisely. AA says it kills at least 20 Myanmar soldiers during the fights. 
5.     August 10: No clash reports. 
6.     August 11: At 9.15 AM and between Apoukwa and Khasoon villages in Kyauktaw township, AA and 80 Myanmar troops from LID 88 clash out for 10 minutes. AA says it kills 5 Myanmar soldiers. 
7.     August 12: No clash is reported. 
8.     August 13: At 2.30 PM and 2 kilo meters away from upper Mrat Hlay village in Pannaygun township, 180 Myanmar troops attack AA. The fight last for 30 minutes and then Myanmar army withdrew. AA says it kills 4 Myanmar troops and wounded 7. 
9.     August 14: Between Naram and Kan village in Minbya township and at 12.25 PM, AA attacks on 5 military truck convey. AA says two trucks are damaged and 30 Myanmar soldiers killed.  

Death, Injured, Arrests, Refugees, Political, and Social News Diary 
1.     August 8: Myanmar army briefly arrest 5 construction workers at the temple of Taungdike village in Minbya township: U Maung Han Thein and his two sons, Maung Than Soe, and Maung Aung Nyin Soe, and other three are U Ngwe Thein, Maung Phru Daung, and Maung Kyaw Htay. They are later released by recommendation of village chairman. 

Daw Ma Mya Sein, 39, died when she goes to fishing nearby river at Kharay Myin village in Maungdaw township. She goes to fishing along with her friends, but she does not return to the village at night. Next day, the villagers find her body on the river.  

Ma Aung Phru, 90, dies for starvation in Shasha Taung village, Buthidaung townhip. She is disable woman and had been trapped in the villager without foods and caretakers after the villagers ran away when several clashes took places near her village. ICRC attempted to rescue the trapped people but she was not let out, and the rescue workers might not  see her. Soldiers from the village called the villagers from IDP camp when she was very sick. But she died on way to the camp. The villagers buried her near the road to the camp. 

U Hla Maung 36, and U Thauk Kyar Aung, 51, and village administrators of Khapaw village in Kyaukaw township step on landmines when they are taken as guides by Myanmar army on August 6. U Hla Maung dies on the way to hospital. U Thauk Kyar Aung is severely injured by mine sharpnels and hospitalized.
2.     August 9: Twenty six accused are brought to the court in Sittway. They are 14 villagers from Mrauk U township, 3 men, including 2 monks, from Pannaygun Town, 2 men from Sittway township, 1 villager from Pucktaw township, 3 mem from Minbya township, and 1 man from Rathedaung township. They have been arrested since March 2019. 
Aung Myat Kyaw, Tun Aye, Hein Zaw, Ye Kyaw Htet, Aye Myat Mon, Tin Hlaing U, who are deported from Singapore and arrested in Myanmar on July 11, and Shwe Haling and Myat Lin Oo are charged with the Counter Terrorism Laws. They are accused to donate money to AA by the court in Yangon. If they found guilty, they would be sentenced to life in prison. The court also declares Than Htun Naing and Soe Myint as fugitives and issues arrest warrant. They were last seen in Singapore in July. They are also members of Arakan Association in Singapore. 
3.     August 10: AA denies the military seizure of illicit drugs of WY tablets and explosive granites from a village chairman house. Myanmar army says it seized 2.5 million WY tablets and military explosion devices from Chairman San Thar Aung’s resident in Thamihla village, Rathedaung township, on August 8. The army accused he is member of AA and the drugs belong to AA. Villagers say they have no prior knowledge about the seizure, but the chairman was not at home when the soldiers entered into his house. All villagers were kept at the Buddhist temple when the soldiers went to the chairman resident. 
4.     August 11: Myanmar army arrests 8 villagers, including village chairman, a school teacher,  and 2 women in Kyauk Tan village, Buthidaung township. Chairman U San Maung from Kyauk Yan village, school teacher Kyaw Naing Tun, Kyaw Thu Soe, Hla Maung Oo, Maung Tun Sein, and the women are Daw Mae Ma, and Daw Phru Phru. They are first taken to Infantry 551 in Buthidaung. The two women are arrested because their husbands are not at home. Five arrested are later charged with counter terrorist laws in Buthidaung.   

Two mines are exploded near Apuckwa village in Kyaultaw township at 9 AM. The mines explode on the public road. No injury is reported. 

5.     August 12: 3,000 villagers in Minbya, Rathedaung, and Buthidaung townships have been trapped and stopped traveling by Myanmar army for 2 weeks. They face shortage of foods and medicines. Local people report there are out of foods and medicines, but the army are still blocking the villagers from travelling.    
6.     August 13: A military spy gathers information from an Arakan youth organization in Yangon. An intelligent office calls the organization, Arakan New Generation Discipline, Chairman San Tun Naing by phone and asks what the organization’s aim and number of members. He explains the aim is to make the young generation from drug free and ethnical. Its member is about 200 young men and women. The chairman worries they may be arrested soon.   
7.     August 14: Rakhine State Parliament approves two military representatives, Colonel Min Than and Major Kyaw Myo Htet in Rakhine state. Col Min Than is serving as minister of birder and development department. He is replaced with Col. Phone Tant, who was infamous of notorious and control of courts and police forces. 

A mine is exploded in front of the police station in Apuckwa village at 11 AM. No injury is reported. 

Ma Win Htay, 18, is chased and attempt to rape by Myanmar soldiers from LID 22 when she is going to the water pound near Buddhist temple and north of the village at evening time in Man-Aung village, Du Pyin Chay village tract, Buthidaung township. Then she runs away and calls for helps. Buddhist monks from the temple rescue her. She is kept in the temple. The soldiers are still in the village and taking it as a military base. Villagers are afraid of the army presence at the village.  

Acronym: Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar army (MA)

Arakan Information Center (AiC)is a non-profit human rights and documentation center that focuses on Rakhine State, Myanmar. 

August 15Death, Injured, Arrests, Refugees, Political, and Social News Diary 
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