The Old Front but New Fight Between Arakan Army and Myanmar Army Are Escalating in Minbya and Rathedaung Townships in Rakhine State; AA Said It Recently Killed 15 Myanmar Troops

Locations of AA and Myanmar army clashing in Minbya township since July 19

AN. Sittway. July 21, 2020. 


Myanmar army is bringing more reinforcement troops and weapons and building up offensive operations in Minbya township this week while attacking Arakan Army position in Kyuak Tan village track in Rathedaung township, Rakhine State. 


Arakan Army attacked several reinforcement military convey in the north of Rammaung Bridge and near Pha Pyo village last night at 9 pm and exchanged gunfire for about an hour. 


Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha confirms the attack. 

“As you know, we have declared unilateral ceasefire until August 31, we never attack Myanmar troops. But they (Myanmar military) are sending more troops and weapons to their bases near the bridge in these days. That military conveys carrying a lot of troops were sent to the region last night for the further offensive operations. We got no choice but attacked the convey,” he said.  

Arakan Army released the statement on July 19, aside from the last night attack, and said Myanmar army has been sending more troops and weapons to the Minbya township this week. The statement said AA and Myanmar army were clashing at 1.2 Kilo meters from Khaung Laung Chaung village at 11 am for one hour. AA claimed it killed 15 Myanmar troops. 


Myanmar army stops attacking the AA position near Aung Thar Zay village in Rathedaung township today after its troops were heavily suffered during the attacks for 6 days. 


“They stop fighting today. Two navy landing crafts dropped off 50 soldiers, weapons, and foods at Htee Swea military base yesterday. The landing crafts were coming from Sittway. The fighting can start at anytime,” said a villager from Htee Swea. 


The local analysts assume Myanmar military strategists in Naypaytaw are facing out of options but withdraw more troops from Maungdaw and sending to the AA confronting lines Minbya and Rathedaung townships despite of bad and rainy weather. 


They said the more Myanmar troops are attacking on AA defense lines in this bad weather, the most they will be killed.


“The definition of ‘who win and who loss’ in Rakhine battle fronts depend on which edge you are sitting in. AA believes the most Myanmar troops they can kill, they are winning the war. On the other hand, the most territories Myanmar troops can control, they are restoring the order again,” he said. 


The thin option the military strategists in Naypaytaw have is they do not have extra troops to be sent and reinforce in Rakhine front lines. 


They said the ‘clearance operation’ in Kyauk Tan village tract shows clear evidence that it is defeated because the top brasses cannot send more troops from mainland but leave it with the same discourage-and-battle-worn Myanmar troops, who have been restlessly clashing with AA young and local fighters for 2 years. They are tire and exhausted. 


The analysts predict at least 50 Myanmar troops were killed in two fronts within one week of time since July 16. 


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