Fighting Escalating in Minbya Township and 29 Myanmar Troops Including High Ranking Officers Killed; Fighting Continuing in Aung Thar Zay Village in Rakhine State, Myanmar

AA fighters ambushing near Ramming Bridge in Minbya township, Rakhine State. 

AN. Sittway. July 22, 2020. 

Fighting between Arakan Army and Myanmar army is increasing in Minbya township since July 19 and local people reported at least 29 Myanmar troops including 2 high ranking military officers were killed. 

Fighting between AA and Myanmar army have been continuing in Kyauk Tan village track in Rathedaung township since July 16. 

Clashes in Minbya Township 

Arakan Army attacked several reinforcement military convey in the north of Rammaung Bridge and near Pha Pyo village at 9 pm on July 20. 

Arakan Army released the statement on July 19 and said AA and Myanmar army were clashing at 1.2 Kilo meters from Khaung Laung Chaung village at 11 am for one hour. AA claimed it killed 15 Myanmar troops. 

The fighting was continuing on July 21, but no clash is reported today. 

Close sources to the Myanmar military said at least 29 government soldiers were killed during the AA attacking on 5 military trucks near Rammaung Bride in Minbya township on July 20. 

Myanmar military information on Facebook page acknowledged the attack and said its convey was ambushed near the bridge between Kanni and Taung Paukay villages at 9 pm on July 20 and suffered. The statement said the army is stepping up for so-called counter terrorist operations in the region. 

Families and friends of fallen soldiers criticized on their Facebook accounts the top basses as brainless and asked why large troops were sent to Kanni military training school during this critical time of conflict without equipped with weapons. 

A Chin ethnic woman Ma Tin Kyi, 40, was critically wounded by gunfire at her resident in Pha Pyo (Chin) village at 9 am on July 20. She was taken to Minbya hospital. 

Local people near the bridge report there is no clash today, but more Myanmar troops are arriving. They worry more fighting are coming in next days.

Resume Attack in Aung Thar Zay Village, Rathedaung Township

Local residents report Myanmar army was resuming attacks on AA positions near Aung Thar Zay Village at 6 pm yesterday evening and stopped again after 8 pm.

They said 2 navy landing crafts were arriving and bringing 150 more Myanmar troops to Htee Swea military base last night. 

“About 200 more troops are joining in Aung Thar Zay battle front this morning while artilleries are firing nonstop from Htee Swae base,” the local resident said. 

Myanmar army has been launching offensive military operation in Kyauk Tan village track and attacking on AA position near Aung Thar Zay village since July 16. 

30,000 villagers have been fleeing since last week of June and before the operation began. 

Tens of thousands of farmers cannot do farming in this raining season due to the Myanmar army clearance operation and very much impact on food security in the region.


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