Families Call For Justice Of Two Disappeared Rakhine Ethics Died in the Military Custody and Local News Said They Died With Health Failures in Myanmar

Sharpener of shells  has been stuck inside the body of tow years old girl namely Nya Mhwe Pan since June 26 when LIB80 fired shells into Dar Let Nat Maw village. She was brought Sittary hospital for operation on July 3, 7 days after she was wounded.  

AN. Sittway. July 2, 2020.


Myanmar military affiliated news outlet wrote two disappeared village men from Kyauktaw township died with heath failures. The news outlet did not mention when and where they died.


The Yadanpon news outlet published an article on June 29 and said U Tun Shwe, 57, died with high blood pressure, diabetes, and gastritis. U Khun Chuk, 39, died when he was dehydrated. 


Family members of the victims told DMG news they.were very disappointed and unacceptable. They wanted to know more details where and when their loved ones died. 


The wives believed their husbands were killed by Myanmar soldiers. They want justice for their husbands.


The news outlet wrote that dozens of people were arrested by the Myanmar soldiers when they were traveling by boat to Paletwa, Chin State, on February 26. It said 11 villagers were released including women and the boat pilot but U Tun She, U Khun Chuk and 7 other villagers were kept for questioning. 


Daw U Yin Thar Nu, wife of late U Tun Shwe, told local news 4 detained villagers were brought back to police station in Kyauktaw in March except her husband and U Khun Chuck. Since then they had been disappeared, the families did not know where they were about and got no contact at all.


They told DMG media in Sittway their husbands did not have any prior records of such alleged illnesses. They only learned their loved ones were dying from the news. 


Daw U Yin Thar Nu and Daw Hla Hla, wife of late U Khun Chuk, appeared in public last week of June and pressed the authority to answer where their husbands were being detained. 

Authority had never informed the families the causes of death and brought the dead bodies back to the families. 

“I don’t not believe my husband died with the illness because he was well and healthy when he was alive and living with us. The authority just made up the story,” Daw Yin Thar Nu said.


The local human rights organization, Arakan Human Rights Defender and Promoter Association (AHRDPA), wrote letters to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on March 23 and requested to investigate the two disappeared villagers from Shwe Payay village. But the commission did not respond the request. 

Daw Hla Hla said, “My daughter asks me again and again when her father will come back. I don’t know how to answer my daughter. I want justice for my husband.” 

Similarly, 18 villagers have been disappeared from Tin Ma village in Kyauktaw township after Myanmar soldiers arrested and took them away from the village since March.


The family members held press conference in Sittway in June and asked the authority to answer where they have been detained or whether they are still alive. 


The authority has not responded yet, but army spokesperson Maj Gan Zaw Win Tun told media he did not have any information about it. 


Local people believe the 18 villagers had been killed as the army killed 2 villagers from Shwe Payay village. 


In addition, bones and dresses of four disappeared villagers were found burying in the ground near Kyet Yet village on April 26, 3 months later and after Myanmar soldiers arrested them in Thin Paung Chaung village in Minbya township on January 7. 


The victim families had requested NHRC to search for their missing husbands and sons, but the government rights body did not respond. 


Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha said there is no specific domestic civilian protection law in Myanmar but rather protecting impunity of the military for their freehand killings over the unarmed civilians. 

He said international laws shall be applied and take concrete actions against the perpetrators and bring to international justice. He said it will end atrocity immediately and once for all.


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