Despite Myanmar Government Announced National Elections to Be Held in November, Leader of Rakhine Political Party Is Charged With Terrorist Law in Myanmar

GMG news photo taken in May. ANP leader U Way Thung on the left and U San Ngway on the right appearing at the court in Toungup. 

AN. Sittway. July 1, 2020.


Myanmar police have formerly charged a leader of Arakan National Party (ANP) and three other town residents including township municipal chairman and former chairman at the court in Toungup yesterday.


The accused are U Way Thoung, ANP’s vice chairman in Toungup township, U Zay Yar Kyaw, chairman of township municipal, his young brother Say Thu Kyaw Zan, and former municipal chairman U San Ngway. 


They are charged with counter terrorism laws 52 (Ka) that can imprison them for 3 to 7 years if they are found guilty. 


U Zay Yar Kyaw was arrested in in Toungup on May 9. U San Nan Ngway was arrested on May 10, and ANP leader Way Thoung was arrested on May 11. Say Thu Kyaw Zan was arrested on May 24. 


First, they were charged as terrorists and brought to Aung Tha Payay interrogation center in Yangon in May. The police dropped the terrorist charged but filed new charges with supporting the terrorists, which charge is directed to  Arakan Army and affiliation.  


They have been brought back to Thandway and detained in the town since June.


They were brought to court in Tongup yesterday morning. 


Their next court appearance schedule is on July 9. 


Supporters of ANP worry government and Union Election Commission will give the party trouble before the national election and may disqualify it since one of the key party leaders is charged with counter terrorist law. 


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