(Arakan Battle News) Myanmar Army Resuming Attacks on Arakan Army Defense Lines Today in Kyauk Tan Village Tract While Some Police Stations Burned Down in Rathedaung Township, Rakhine State in Myanmar

Villagers are felling from China Khar Li village on July 13 when Myanmar military praying guns into the village. 

AN. Sittway. July 19, 2020. 


Fighting between Myanmar army and Arakan Army is intensifying near Aung Thar Zay and Htee Swea villages since 7 am today. 


Hundreds of artilleries and shells are firing to the hill and nearby mountains in Aung Thar Zay village from Myanmar military bases in Htee Swea, Yae Soe Chaung, and Rathedaung since early dawn.


Myanmar army announced it has been launching offensive operation and attacking AA bases in Kyauk Tan village tract since July 16. 


The fighting briefly stopped yesterday, but local people reported Myanmar navy has been sending more reinforcement troops and weapons to the fighting ground since last night. 


Local observers report today 49 military trucks with full of government troops are heading to Ah Ngu Maw port from Maungdaw this morning. They say several navy landing crafts are docking and receiving the troops at the port. 


They believe the reinforcement troops will be brought to Kyauk Tan village track where the AA and government army have been fighting since July 16. 


Local residents in Nyung Pin Hla village reported 2 border guard police stations were burned down and all troops were withdrawing yesterday evening.


“Thanzin Myaning and Nyung Pin Hla police stations were burned down. All the troops from the bases, including Zardi Pyin police station, were coming out and regrouped at Ah Htet Nang Rar area at 2 pm. All these troops reentered into the Zardi Pyin station at 3 pm,” the resident said. 


Narinjara news reported police stations in Tharzin Myaning and Nyung Pin Hla were burned down, and all police and military troops withdrew from the bases yesterday. 


No one knows who were burning down the police stations.


Thanzin Myaning and Done Paik police stations were attacked by Arakan Army in May and June.


Several clashes between the two forces were taken places near Thawin Chaung bridge in last June and second week of July. 


Myanmar army has been attempting to control the highway from Ah Ngu Maw to Maungdaw since June but they met with AA strong resistance. 


Over 3,000 villagers from Done Paik, Chein Khar Li, Thanzin Myaning, and Nyung Pin Hla have been fleeing since July 12. 


Local residents predict Myanmar military will intensify offensive operations in west of May Yu mountain range and eastern parts of the mountain and in Kkyauk Tan village track in coming days. 


Analysts calculate more civilians will be suffered and out of homes during the aggressive military operations in Rathedaung township.


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