(Arakan Battle News Update) More Military Build-up in Kyauk Tan Village Tract and Fighting Will Resume in Coming Days, But Arakan Army and Analysts Say the Clearance Operation Is Intentionally Deterring Farmers for Food Productions in Raining Season

Location of Myanmar army attacking AA position and artilleries firing from military bases. 

AN. Sittway. July 18, 2020. 

Myanmar army offensive attacking on Arakan Army positions near Aung Thar Zay and Htee Swe villages are halted today, but artilleries are firing to the hill and nearby mountains since this morning. The ongoing operation Arakan Army and analysists say the military is deterring tens of thousands of famers in over 30 villages for harrowing and seeding paddies during the monsoon season. 


According to the local people, the fighting between AA and Myanmar army was stop after 1 o’clock yesterday. They said Myanmar troops withdrew from the front lines near Aung Thar Zay village. 


They said more than 1,000 rounds of artilleries were firing to the hill and nearby mountain from Myanmar military bases in Htee Swea, Yae Soe Chaung, and Rathedaung for the whole day. 


They said more rockets were extremely louds and entire region was vibrated while landing near the mountain, and entire mountain range was quacking. They thought the rockets landing near the mountain must be MRLS and firing from Rathedaung.


Myanmar army announced it would conduct so-called counter terrorist operations in the Kyauk Tan region since July 16 in order to retake the road and land that have been controlled by Arakan Army. 


An analyst in Sittway said the military has hidden agenda in which Myanmar army is just shifting the title of operation from “Clearance Operation” to “Counter Terrorist Operation” but it is the same pattern of clearing entire civilian in the region. The analyst does not want to publish his name because he fears for his personal security. 

He said, “Myanmar army does not usually conduct offensive operation in the raining season. The current operation in Kyauk Tan village tract that military claims to reopen the roads is untrue because the army itself has been blocking the road. Thus, it is clear that the military is deterring tens of thousands of farmers for farming in this season in order to reduce food productions. This ongoing operation effects triple times than the last year, in which 30,000 farmers are unable to produce foods for the dry seasons and very much food insecurity. The farmers are now stuck in the IDP camps.”

He said the aim of deterrence of the farmers for food productions by the unethical military operation is to reduce AA’s storage of rations in coming dry season. 


Arakan Army released its analysis paper on the current military operation in Kyauk Tan region and said Myanmar army operation is creating a fake war in the reason and it is clearing civilian populations and farmer during the farming season that effects 30 villagers. 


Local people reported three navy landing crafts dropped off more troops, weapons, ammunitions, and rations in Pyin Taw village last night. Now, the landing crafts are docking at Htee Swea village. 


They said 300 Myanmar ground troops were regrouped from Htee Swea, Sauk Khat, Yae Soe Chaung, and Sa Nyhn Taung bases and attacking AA positions on July 16 and 17. 


Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha said AA fighters killed 20 Myanmar troops in the battle on July 16. 


The local people told our news more government troops were also suffered yesterday fighting and then withdrew from the attacking. 


They said more troops and heavy weapons are brought up to the fighting grounds in these days and heavy clashes will be resumed at anytime. 


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