Myanmar Navy Random Fire of Artilleries into Village Injured a Civilian and Killed a Cow in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Location maps of Navy ship fired shell into the village; landing location and civilian casualty on June 4, 2020.  
AN. Sittway. June 5, 2020 
Myanmar navy ships fired several shells into a village in Kyauktaw township in the middle of night and injured a villager, killed a cow, and destroyed several houses.

Four landing navy ships escorted by two speedboats were heading to Kyawuktaw in Kaladan River last night. When the navies were reaching at a half mile away from Goke Pi Htaunt (Rakhine) village and at 45 minutes after 12 o’clock, the navy started firing artilleries into the village. 

Several shells landed in Goke Pi Htaunt village and injured U Tin Maung, 45, on his right shoulder. Other shells destroyed several houses and killed the cow. 

Lawmaker U U Tun Win confirmed Narinjara news the injury of the villager and the house damages.

He said, “Several houses were destroyed; a villager injured; and a cow was killed. The shells were fired from the navy. ships”  

Local people reported there was no military clash near the village last night. Only the navy randomly fired the shells. 

The damaged houses belong to U Tin Shwe, U Maung Chay, U Tun Myint. 

U Maung Tun Kyaw’s house was totally destroyed, and the cow inside the house premise was killed on the spot. 

Goke Pi Htaunt has two villages, Rakhine and Muslim. The shells landed in the Rakhine village.  

Villagers always give attention and cautious whenever the navy ships are sailing along the Kaladan River because the navy always fire shells into the villages situated on the left and right sides of the river when they feel they may be attacked. 

In March, the navy's shells killed a novice and injured his mother in Let Ma Seik village in Ponnaygun township when they were giving traditional Buddhist ritual at the night. 

Similar artilleries were fired into villages along the river in last winter and summer. Dozens of villagers were killed and injured in Kyauktaw and Ponnaygun township. Some houses were destroyed.

But no one is warning the military for civilian casualties but sheered by State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and supported by President Win Myint. 

There is not a day in peace passing by without civilians killed, injured, disappeared, arrested, or forced out of the villages in Rakhine State since January 2019, and after Aung San Suu Kyi ordered the army to crash Arakan Army. 


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