Myanmar Army Is Pressurizing Aung San Suu Kyi Government to Hand Over Rakhine State for Military Rule; Greater Exacerbation of Genocide in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

A teenage village student boy of Rakhine hit by Myanmar army's artilleries and cut off his two legs  and becomes permeant disable but no one is accountable.

AN. June 16, 2020
Myanmar army spokesperson Maj. Gen Zaw Min Tun told Myanmar Time news in Yangon last week Arakan Army would take over administrative works in Rakhine State if government did not effectively control and manage civil administrations.

Military analysts in Rakhine State told our news Myanmar army is pushing Aung San Suu Kyi government to hand over power to the military to manage the Rakhie State. He said it is very dangerous for democracy transition and more militarization in Myanmar.

He said, “What my understanding of the military spokesperson wordings ‘ineffective administration’ and ‘AA will take over‘ is a threat to Aung San Suu Kyi government and democracy transition. What the army wants to say is …’Your government must stop ruling in Rakhine but hand over power to our military because you cannot manage the security and control the administration; we will do our jobs’...” 

The military spokesperson might refer the security issue and ineffective administration were the massive village and ward level administrators resigned in Rathedaung township last week and the unidentified assassins stabbed and killed military and police officers in downtown in daylight times.

After the blast of military over the government, U Myint Than, Director of General Administration Department that manages and controls administration staffs, told the media on June 15 all administrative works were under control, and Rakhine State government was working on for stabilization. 

RFA Burmese service asked U Myint Than in the press conference whether military would be handed over power to manage the state affair since administrative works were crumbling in Rakhine State. 

He said, “No need to worry that much. It is over reaction and over worry. At this time, only 58 village administrators resigned. Last time, there were many village administrators in Kyaukaw and Mrauk U had resigned.”

Fifty eight administrators resigned in Rathedaung township last week after three of their colleagues were arrested and charged with the terrorist laws by the military.

Similarly, 128 village administrators in Mrauk U and Kyauktaw resigned last year after their colleagues were arrested and placed behind the bars by the military. 

Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha told media there is no different between civilian and military rule. 

He said, “It is the same. At the current situation of Rakhine people facing are all the same conditions because they are leveled as terrorists. The state and military are doing massive abuse of power and lawless killing.”

“On the other hand, the army is pushing pressure on the government to hand over full power to the military,” he said. 

Some Rakhine lawmakers predict the military is pushing the state government to impose military laws on 8 townships including Paletwa in Chin State. 

“It is more than enough of suffering people under the civilian government since it has supported the military to do whatever in Rakhine State. Now and if the military rule is installed, I think the security forces will wipe out entire population of Rakhine. They have gut on it. They don’t care. They are trained as killers. They don’t train to respect laws and human rights,” said a lawmaker who does not want to publish his name. 

Myanmar has been facing genocide law suit at the ICJ for the military killing thousands of Rohingya and driving out over a half million people in 2017. 

The military is willing to imposing same pattern of genocide against the Rakhine people. And, former UN rights experts Miss Yanghee Lee called for a fresh investigation in the Myanmar army committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Moreover, the head of investigation and prosecution body approved by UN Human Rights Council known as IIMM Mr. Nicholas Koumjian recently wrote a warning article in Bangkok Post and said he was watching on Myanmar and would have accountable for any crime in national, international, and other courts of justice. 

The danger is that the military leaderships seem they don’t care much on the international pressure but keep killing more civilians in Rakhine State, and now they even want full military control. 


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