Arakan Army and Myanmar Army Clashing Near Kyauk Seik Village This Morning in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

A villager killed by the shells fired from Myanmar military base LIB in Ponnaygun on April 13, 2020 
AN. Sittway. June 19, 2020
Arakan Army and Ponnaygun based Light Infantry Battalion 550 are fighting near Guwa Pagoda, about 1 mile from the town to the north, at 7 AM today. 

AA attacked the Myanmar military column by remote mines first between Kyauk Seik village and Guwa pagoda and then exchange gunfire for 30 minutes. 

Exact military casualties are not yet reported. 

Navy are firing artilleries to the fighting location while the military base from town shelling near the village for hours and shill firing when we are writing this news. 

“These 80 military troops from LIB 550 have been searching and interrogating the villagers in Kyauk Seik and nearby villages for 3 days. Today, they are attacked by AA,” a resident of Kyauk Seik, remains anonymous, said.

He said, “All cars and people stop traveling on the highway because shells are landed near the village and on the road.” 

Two days ago, the soldiers arrested and interrogated six elder men in Kyauk Seik villager and forced them to sit under the heavy rain for hours. 

“The soldiers asked whether we saw AA fighter near the village. When we answered we did not have any knowledge of the AA fighters, the soldiered were angry and insulted and forced us to sit in the rain,” one of the arrested elder men—his name is kept unpublished for security reason, told our news this morning.

Since then, AA fighters are following the military column and attack today. 

Eight people were killed and 13 villagers injured by the military shells in Kyauk Seik on April 13. Five villagers have been arrested some the same village and charged with terrorist laws. 


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