A Disable, Deaf, and Blind IDP Refugee Is Injured by Myanmar Army’s Shells in Rakhine State

Local charity volunteers are taking wounded U Maung Aye Nyunt to Rathedaring hospital on June 24.

AN. Sittway. June 24, 2020.

Myanmar army randomly fired guns, shells, and artilleries into the town and nearby villages and hit a disable refugee in Buddhist monastery in Rathedaung, Rakhine State, at 4 pm today evening. 


The wounded man is Maung Aye Nyunt, 55, and deaf and blind war refugee taking shelter in Shwe Parami Buddhist temple that is located on east ward of the town and outer access of road to Ponnaygun. 


His left leg is completely destroyed by the shell explosion in the temple. He is taken to the town hospital. 


Seventy five years old mother of the wounded disable man Daw U Sein Nyunt said, “My son is blind and deaf. The shell is coming through the roof and hit him when he is laying down under the house and on the ground. I cannot imagine how he is suffering from the wound.” 


One thousand seven hundred IDPs have been taking shelter in the temple since this summers. 


The chief monk of Shwe Parami temple said Maung Aye Nyunt has been taking refuge at temple along with other refugees for several months. 


“There are huts built for the refugees inside the temple. When they are laying down under the huts, the shells landed inside. We heard two explosions first. And then the guns and shells are started fire.” 


Local people reported Myanmar army column was attacked near the town this evening and heard exchange of gunfire.


They said AA is attacking the military unit when they are going out to road that leads to Ponnaygun. 


Several clashes between Myanmar army and AA and attacking on the military units and police stations in Rathedaung township are reported since May. 


Lawmaker U Khin Maung Lett said, “Military tensions between AA and Myanmar army have been mounting in Rathedaung and Maungdaw townships since May.” 


Several people were wounded by Myanmar navy’s random fire in Zar Di Pyin village track in May.


None of the international organizations comes forward and prosecute the war crimes and crimes against humanity doers who broke international humanitarian laws in Rakhine State.


Arakan Information Center reported Myanmar army killed 271 civilians, wounded 535 villagers, arrested 526 men, and 120 villagers disappeared between January and May in 2020. 

Myanmar army will continue killing and arresting civilians as usual business unless international community steps forward and takes drastic actions against the military. 


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