(Breaking News) Myanmar Soldiers Pull Out Five Detainees from Police Station and Disappearing in Ponnaygun, Rakhine State

Mother of missing detainees including Daw Ni Ni Aye, son of Nyi Nyi Aung in, in Kyauk Seik and showing the IDs of their sons. 

Sittway. April 27, 2020.
Myanmar soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 550 pull out already filed police case of five detainees from the police station in Ponnaygun at 8 o'clock this morning.

The missing detainees are Nyi Nyi Aung, 24, Maung Chay, 32, Myo Min Oo, 23, Kyaw Win Than, 23 (Sittway), and Myo Min Aung, 37 (Ponnaygun). 

The army arrested 39 villagers in Kyauk Seik village on April 19. Then they were taken to the military base and interrogated and tortured for several days. All the arrested men were released a couple days later except these five villagers. 

They have been detained and badly torture in the base for one week in the military base. But the soldiers handed over the arrested to the police on April 25, two days ago.  

Their family had a chance to meet their sons and found severely tortured and compounded fracture marked on their faces, bodies and legs. 

Arakan News interviews Daw Ni Ni Aye, mother of Nyi Nyi Aung, who is among the five missing from the police station today.


My son and his friends are covered their faces with black cloths and taken to unknown location by the soldiers from Ponnaygun military base at 8 o’clock this morning. They are forced to sit in the military truck and drove to the navy docking near the Guma Pogoda and in the Kalandan River, (two miles away from the town). Since then, they all are disappeared. 

I don’t know where my son is taken to. I worry he may be killed and dumbed into the water. 

I had a chance to meet him at the police station on April 26. His face was very wounded and his left ear was almost gone by cutting with the knife. He told me he was severely tortured and forced him to confess he is member of AA (Arakan Army). He refused to sign the paper he is AA. 

His back on the body had many stabbed holes and wounds of cutting, beating, and kicking. His right leg is almost broken and cannot walk properly. 

His eyes are very red and swollen. He cannot see clearly.

He was not given water and foods for two days. 

Police officer told us we had to hire a lawyer and they would be brought to the court on May 8. 

The soldiers forced him to tell he is from AA and participating in the landmine explosion near the Guwa pagoda on April 15. The soldiers told him he ran away by motorbike after the explosion.

My son does not know how to drive motorbike. He and my husband (Maung Shwe Nu) are working at Aye Mitta Rice Mill in Ponnaygun. They take motorbike taxi every day when they go to work. It costs 1,000 Kyat for round trip. You can ask it to the owner of the rice mill. 

He is just ordinary and hardworking son and helping us for surviving. We are very poor village people.

I want to urge government and military leaders, please do not persecute any civilian including my son. If you want to get AA, just go and get AA, but not my son nor the ordinary people.

I want to request UN and international community to help my son freedom. I want you to stop persecuting civilians. We are so much of suffering.

Summery arrests and executions over the civilians are common in Rakhine State conducted by the government security forces since the military operation has been launching, but no one has accountable for the horrific crimes. 


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