Apology to news reader for the "School teacher rapped and killed in Kyauktaw, Rakhine State

Our Arakan News's  chief editor fully apologizes to all readers we previously posted the news herein school teacher and villages girls were rapped and killed  in The Yet Oak, Kyauktaw, on March 31, reported by reliable source.

After we verify and get confirmation from the villager from Yet Oak we are told there were no such rapped and killed case in the village on March 31. When the soldiers searched the village, they arrested three men.

However, he said the soldiers grabbed the girls and insult with dirty words.

We also verify with the villager in Ram-Mhree island and said the photos was taken for Thangyin. We deeply sorry for those whose pictures were appeared on our news for unrelated and false.

We deeply  sorry for those whose photos were falsely published on our blog news. We apologize you  for the false news.

We will be very careful any news posted in the future and factual.

Thank you and wish you all heathy.

Chief Editor
Arakan News


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