Arakan Army Leaders Are Crazy on Digital and Android Modern Warfare: Make Myanmar Army Final Push of Clearance Failed

Arakan Army Leaders Are Crazy on Digital and Android Modern Warfare: Make Myanmar Army Final Push of Clearance Failed 
(Military Decoding and Defeating Analysis) 
Wounded solider of Myanmar army LID 55 in Rakhine State 

June 7, 2019. Sittway

With an aim to clear and crush Arakan Army presence in Rakhine State by heavy and excessive military forces, the two-months-renewal of Myanmar Tatamdaw bilateral ceasefire extension on the northeast in Myanmar is entering into an end on June 30th. But the result is fetal. 

The final-count-down of this military offensive operation causes itself more failure because of the leaders and fighters of AA are modern digital and android crazy people that, of course, their opponents do not do. 

After declaration of the extension, Myanmar army has reinforced its troops of over 20,000 in later April and earlier May in Chin and Rakhine states, comprised with LID 11, 22, 33, 55, 77, and regional force of 8,000 troops, to squeeze AA forces of 3,000 between Paletwa and Mrauk U and Kyauktaw combined.  

The army strategy is it is pushing AA from Chin State to neighboring townships of Mrauk U and Kyauktaw from the north while sealing off India-Myanmar and Bangladesh-Myanmar borders. 

On one hand, it is increasing outnumber of troops in Kyauktaw, Mrauk U, Pannaygun, and Minbya townships areas to ambush and attack the retreating AA troops.

Contrarily, most of government troops are defeated and killed in Paletwa township areas by AA guerilla warfare tactics and surprise attacks. In fact, the Myanmar troops of 4,500 in Chin State are stuck with defending for their own survival and fail to push the AA fighters of 1,200 back to Rakhine state. 

“It was a bit over confident to splitting portions of attacks on the military boats of four with over one hundred soldiers by our commandos; when one group attacked the two boats, other troops on the other side of river, did the same attack; thus, two boats were able to escape. Otherwise, none would be survived,” a high-ranking AA commander told our news agency. 

Arakan Army’s commandos attacked four military boats on Kaladan river in Paletwa township in the end of May. The attack killed two high ranking military commanders and many troops wounded. 

In Mrauk U, Kyauktaw, Minbya, and Pannaygun township areas, AA splits its troops of 50 to 80 and do counter attacks on the military convey on highways and near villages. As results of guerrilla tactical attacks of AA, Myanmar army encountered fatal casualties, claimed 1,500 soldiers killed. 

“In one occasion, the Myanmar army fired its artilleries at fix times from their regular and mobile bases to different locations in Rakhine State in the last week of May as it was shown off a real World War III event, and as like it was 4thof July Independent Day in USA fireworks,” the commander of AA said. 

The purpose of the massive artillery firing on the fix-time is to make local people nervous and a show-off Myanmar army is powerful and strength and thought to force the AA fighters came out of the jungles. 

“In reality, our fighters are sleeping well at that time of coordinated artillery firing,” the Colonel said. 

In the last week of May, 500 troops of Myanmar army have stationed in Yawtayoke village, about 70 miles from Sittway, the state’s capital city. Its tactical commander was commanding the troops from the village. 

“They soldiers do not sleep the whole night. They smoke WY drugs, amphetamine, so that they are alert and do not need much foods and water. However, most soldiers are very old,” a shopkeeper in the village tells our information center. 

As the same tactic, they are waiting AA fighters come out of the jungles and mountains after the coordinated firing of artilleries to possible location of AA bases. 

In contrast, AA made surprise attacks of the convey when they were mobilizing near the mountain of Yawtayoke village, killed 20 soldiers and 30 wounded, on May 27. 

“A solider of Ann Division, and he is Rakhine tells me that it is like hell he is being here, but no choice and has to keep moving on, or dies one day,” the shopkeeper who has spoken to the soldier tell us. 

Why a lot of soldiers in the villages are that they believe AA fighters may come out of the jungles and mountains after the massive artillery firing. Then they will attack the AA. 

Arakan Army fighters are as no nonsense as the Myanmar military commanders; they are in advance and have been informed by the villagers via Facebook, Twitter, Signal, and Proton Mail accounts where the soldiers are heading to which locations and being on what times. Then AA fighters, on the other sides, are waiting and attacking them based on the reports; and then run away after many causalities are made. 

These are how digital and android wars going on in Rakhine State.

“There are 200 soldiers near Sabae Htar village; 250 government soldiers are in Pauk Taw Pyin village; 150 fighter of Myanmar army are in Paw Hree Pyin village aeras; 120 soldiers are taking combat position inside Rahit Taung village in Pannaygun township today,” the villagers report to the AA Headquarter and on Facebook accounts. 

Soon, Myanmar army was attacked and captured its commander and a private near Sabar Htar village on June 3. In return, Myanmar army fired the artillery into the Buddhist temple as revenge, 6  villagers killed and 9 other wounded.

Similarly, it did the same attacks on the Myanmar army in Pan Myung, Minbya township, where the army has been stationing since April. The local people posted the soldiers presence and shopping in the local market on Facebook accounts. Three women were injured, including a Muslim family with an infant by Myanmar army shelling.

“You know what, the fighters of AA, ages between 18 and 25, clip their smart phone videos while they are clipping their guns, and sent it back to their generals in Liza in Kachin State,” one of the commanders tell our center.

“Good son, you are doing good job; keeping doing it; I love you; you are real Hero of Fatherland of Arakan,” the general in Liza replies. 

These are what their digital and android crazy fighters of AA doing daily battles in Rakhine State, unlike any other ethnic forces in Karen, Kachin, and Shan State. 

After failure of using fighter jets and MLRS to squatting Arakan Army, its new methods of coordinated attacks of artilleries firing in fix times and locations, and wishing to come out of the AA fighters from the jungles and mountains are totally wasted of times and money as well as the high ranking officers lives.

The captive office Zaw Tun Kyaw’s father wrote on his Facebook account he is happy to learn his son is treated well by AA and soon be released. 

The officer is so lucky to be captured by AA, or otherwise and if he was AA member, he would be exterminated by Myanmar army immediately. 

The digital crazy Commander Tun Myat Naing allows his fighters to post the POW on Facebook, and the captain family get quick informed. The digital war works how affectively in Rakhine State. 

POW of Myanmar army officer Zaw Tun Kyaw in Rakhine State 


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