3,000 Refugees Still Rounding Up by 700 Myanmar Soldiers in Rakhine, Myanmar

700 soldiers surrounding 3,000 IDP camp of Buddhist temple in Pauktaw Pyin village, Pannaygun tonwhsip 

3,000 Refugees Still Rounding Up by 700 Myanmar Soldiers in Rakhine, Myanmar

June 11, 2019 

Myanmar army LID 11 and 22 with 700 soldiers have been rounding up 3,000 IDPs inside the Buddhist temple in Puaktaw Pyin village, Pannaygun township, since June 10, 2019. 

Three hundred soldiers are taking positions on the front gate and around the village while other 400 troops are in the mountains and forests behind the temple. 

The thousand refugees from several villages have been taking shelter in the temple since last week after clashes were broken out between Myanmar army and Arakan Army. Some shells and gunfire landed inside the villages. 

On June 10, thirty soldiers and four police approached the gate of the temple and attempted to enter inside where 3,000 refugees are inside. 

Then, the chief monk asked whether they had a search warrant from the court and quested them to put off the guns before they entered into the temple because it is religion premises and for due respect. 

However, over 80 soldiers sneaked secretly into the temple last night and stationed on the hell overnight. The chief monk and refugees worried the soldiers might shoot them kill last night.

All Buddhist monks took guards as night-watch around the temple for the whole night. 

“We could not sleep the whole night; all refugees did not sleep the rest of the night too. They were very worry for something would happen to them badly,” one of the monks in the temple tell our Information Center. 

After 10 am on June 11, five soldiers, four policemen, and two immigration officers were allowed to enter into the temple.

“They carry guns; there is a major from LID 22, and he leads the team; they do not check the refugees one by one, but speaks to our chief monk; I do not know why, and they may have other purposes,” a novice said.

The soldiers are still surrounding around the IDP camp. Three hundred soldiers are in front and around the village. The other 400 stoops are in the mountain and the forests.

All IDPs are worry some big and terrible things may happen to them as long as the soldier stay near the camp. 
The refugees wish the soldiers go away and do not want to see them at all neat the camp.  

Myanmar Army soldiers and police are since the temple where 3,000 refugees inside 

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  1. himavantiJuly 25, 2019 at 12:22 AM

    Soldiers round up 3000 refugees? Or 3000 refugees rounded up by the soldiers?


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