Myanmar Army Furor and Killed a Half Dozen Children; Arrests and Tortures Many in Rakhine State in May Third Week

Myanmar Army Furor and Killed a Half Dozen Children; Arrests and Tortures Many in Rakhine State in May Third Week

May 21, 2019. Sittway.

Myanmar Army stopped a fishing boat and arrested nine villagers and tortured in Nargara Village, Kyauktaw township, Rakhine State, Myanmar, on May 21.

The villagers went to Kalandan river for fishing in the morning.

Soldiers called them to stop, but they could not hear the calls because of engine noise. Then the soldiers shot their guns to the boat.

The nine villagers were briefly arrested and asked questions whether they were members of Arakan Army. The villagers answered they are fishermen and nothing to do with AA.

The soldiers beaten all nine villagers, and a man was injured in his head and hands.

The injured man is Tin Aye Thein.

Other arrested villagers are U Maung Thar, U Hla Sein Aung, U Zaw Zaw Maung, U Tin Aye Thein, U Maung Aung Than, U Maung Lu Gree, U Thein Tun, U Than Chay, and U Maung Than Myint.

A half dozen of children were killed and injured by gunshots and artillery shells in Kyauk Township area in this week alone.

Ma Athein Chay ,10, was shot and killed by Myanmar soldiers in Myuk Chung village on May 19 when she
Ma Athein Chay, 10 years old girl shot and killed soldiersd
and her brother came back from the Buddhist temple. The soldiers shot them from behind and the bullets went through her head from the back. She died on the spot. Her brother ran and escaped from the shooting.

 A family of four were injured by shell explosion in Malar village on May 19. After ten military trucks convey passed by their village at 6.40 PM and about one kilo meter afar, the convey was attacked by the Arakan Army. Then the soldiers shot and fired artilleries in every direction. One of the shells exploded in their house.

The injured villagers from Malar village are Daw Ma Aung Htwee, 28. Her three injured sons are Maung Naing Lin, 10, Maung Khin Lin Zaw, 8, and Maung Khin Lin Hay, 3.

U Aye Tun Maung was injured by Myanmar soldier gunshots in Minwa village, Kyauktaw township, on May 19. When he and his friends went to Kyauktaw township to get loans from the bank by river way, the soldiers shot their boat. He got several gunshots and wounded badly.

Aung Hla Than, mentally disable man, was arrested in Kanzuck village on May 18 by soldiers. He was tortured in front of the people. Then soldiers took him to unknown location. His family worried he might have been killed.

A Muslim family of three killed and injured a boy of 15 by shell explosion in Alay Gyun village, Kyauktaw township, on May 20.

The shells fired by Myanmar landed in the village killed Chobi, 38, Kay Jay M, 8, and a boy on May 21. Their elder bother Mamat Aphi, 15, was seriously injured.

In addition, Soe Win Naing from Kyarnyo Pyin village, Buthidaung township, was shot and killed by Myanmar soldiers on May 20.

He refused to lend a boat asked by the soldiers. He said his boat was not free at the moment and had to carry woods by the villagers to build a house. Then the soldiers got angry and shot him. He died on the spot. The soldiers also stabbed him by military knives.

Two villagers were injured by landmines in Nghapyo Chung village, Kyauktaw township, on May 21. The injured men are Maung Bu, 25, and Zaw Naing, 25.

They went to nearby forests to carry woods to build a house. They stepped the landmines in the morning and wounded badly. Both men were put in hospital in Kyauk Taw. 

Violence and killing of villagers by Myanmar army is escalating even though international communities and UN called for restraint and respect international humanitarian laws.  

Maung Bu, 25, injured by landmines 


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