Myanmar Army Artillery Shell Killed a Young Boy in Rakhine State

Myanmar Army Artillery Shell Killed a Young Boy in Rakhine State

April 29, 2019. Sittway.

It is a sunny day in Kayu Chung village, Rathidaung township, northern Rakhine State. A group of children gather on the small river bank and near the Buddhist temple as usual in summer school holiday at 7 in the morning. 

They start playing traditional games actively and forget all environment surrounding with them. Every enjoyable and freedom. 

Suddenly, a shell comes from unknown direction and exploded. Some children are panic, and some are screaming. Some are rushing away. It is like the world is scrambling down apart. 

Maung Myo Naing, 15 years old boy, is knockdown on the ground with a lot of bloods on his head and body. Nearby him, Maung Myo Win, 13 years old boy, and Ma Thein May Oo, 5 years old girl, are collapsing abruptly. 

All bodies are overwhelmed by bloods. Maung Myo Naing cannot speak nor open his eyes at all while the other two injured children are crying. He died on the spot. 

Maung Myo Win and Ma Thein May Oo are taken to nearby township hospital by water transportation. 

Ma Thein May Oo’s father tells local news agency, the explosion is an artillery shell belongs to Myanmar Army. He denied Maung Myo Naing played unexploded shell near the river that some local news speculated. 

Since from last several weeks, Battalion 22 and 55 have been actives in the village and nearby mountains and forests. Some military boats have been mobilizing in nearby river. They look for Arakan Army. The shell must be come from Myanmar Army. 

Most often and technic of military forcing out villagers, Tatmadaw fires shell and guns into the villages randomly. A couple dozens of civilians are killed by such orchestrated attacks in Mrauk U and Rathedaung. The villagers that were attacked by Tatmadaw have moved out of the villages and become Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, exceeding over 35,000. 

Again, justice of the death children Maung Myo Naing and\nwounded Maung Myo Win and Ma Thein May Oo are difficult to bring, but it may\nend up in finger pointing and blaming the victims, sadly and angrily. 

There is a state parliament and a number of good lawyers in Rakhine State. But no one dears to touch the army during this democratic transition time and under the elected government. 

The killing of civilians by Myanmar Army will not be stopped in Rakhine State unless the elected government halts war operation in Rakhine State, but it may not happen before 2020 national election. 

Then, justice for Maung Myo Naing may be able to light up again.


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