Arakan Information Center AiC

'About Us'

Arakan Information Center (AIC) is a citizen journalism and people-centered media organization, which has been established by Arakanese expatriates, students and activists. 

To inform global community and international governmental organizations (IGOs) verified facts, accurate news and concrete information of dramatic situations in Arakan (Rakhine State). 

It is a volunteer association of gathering and sharing news. AIC team is comprised with IT experts, on-ground volunteer reporters, and legal advocates from Arakan State, Australia, Europe, and The United States of America.  This news agency has been established since 2005 under the blogger: Arakan-Yunnan Gas Pipeline Campaign. It extends to Facebook Page called Arakan Information Center AIC recently. 

Our news and information is targeted to local people, ethnic community, Burman communities, media, international organizations, and world leaders. We have 150,000 subscribers and follower. At this moment, our team and news information reach to a half million readers and followers, combined with Face Page, Twitters, and Bloggers. 

To document and to share news and information with people and international communities on war crimes, human rights violations, civil wars, Tamadaw military operations, Arakan Army activities, forced portering, Internal Displaces Persons, food security, social and livelihood difficulty in Rakhine State. 

Three hundred ground reporters and news collectors gather hourly and daily news and report to command-and-control center in USA. The command-and-control center release immediate news by tweeting, posting, and sharing on Face Page, Face Book, Twitter, and blogger. 

Some essential news and information of war crimes, human rights violations, massacre, targeted and mass killings of civilians, raped, arbitrary detentions, disappearances, porters, forced labors, forced relocations, looting private properties, and IDPs are properly documented and reporting to UN Human Rights Council, International Criminal Court, relevant human rights and legal organization as well as international governments

Future Work-Plan
Our team is approaching to coordinate with other ethnic news and information organizations, media, and international news and information agencies.

AIC is also constructing a Face-Com where everyone can read, share news, and post. It is more likely to be Facebook style where subscribers can create their own Face-Com page. 


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