Myanmar Army Arrests more Villagers in Rakhine State in Recent Days

Myanmar Army Arrests more Villager in Rakhine State in Recent Days

May 30, 2019. Sittway 

Myanmar Army arrested several villagers from Buthidaung and Kyaultaw townships recently.

Myanmar Army’s combined force of LID 55 and 99 of 50 soldiers came to Minthar Daung village, Kyauktaw township, Rakhine State, Myanmar, at 4 pm on May 29. Then they arrested village Chairman Aung Thein Kyaw, 51, and Kyan Thein Aung, 50, in the village.

The soldiers told the families the chairman and the villager were taken to meet the army officer for questioning. Both men have not come back homes until May 30. Their families are worry they may be tortured and killed. No further news and contacs has yet got from the arrested villagers.

On May 28, Myanmar army arrested 6 villagers from Nyung Chung village when they were fishing in river. 

The soldiers came to their fishing boat and asked them to do guiding works. They refused and requested the soldiers the fishes had to deliver to the market before dark. Then the soldiers arrested 4 men. Two men were later released, but another two men were taken along with the soldiers.

The arrested men from Nyung Chung are Maung Yug and Maung Than Kyaw.

Shortly after they were arrested and forced to do guiding works, fighting was broken out between the Myanmar army and Arakan Army. 

Families of the arrested villagers were worry they could be killed during the fights. No news of arrested villagers comes out where they were about after the fight. 

Myanmar Army also arrested 4 villagers in Thayak Pyin Village in Buhtidaung township last week, including the village chairman.

The army later released Chairman U Maung Than Hlaing and U Aung Tun Sein. But other two arrested villagers Htay Aung and Maung Kyaw Win were charged with 17/1 laws, unlawful association with outlaw organization. 

Myanmar Army has been conducting systematic and institutionalized oppression on young men and women in Rakhine State, including indiscriminate killing, arbitrary arrests, and forced relocations, since it has launched heavy military operations by combined forces of Light Infantry Division
11, 22, 33, 55, 77, and 99, including local military divisions.

Myanmar soldiers in Rakhine village


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